Upcoming PT, Events, and more


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@moderators maybe move to #news? idk


YOOOOOOO LET’S GO!!! I called it! PT incoming! Time to learn soloing Lost Halls and Tombs!


Heck yeah! I’ve been looking forward to covering like that for a while now. I don’t care if it’s daily, its still x6, and it doesn’t require much in the way of grinding!

Finally. Now I too, can slaughter my characters in a public O3.


Not if they snap the permakeys! >:)


What do you mean??


I think seelpit means that keys might not be available as readily


@PRCSakura I was specifically aiming my distaste towards the Lost Halls PermaKeys that were given to players back when it was being publicly tested, which some people have kept around.

Then again, they may just bring that that one portal spawner object they used in another session…


Hope we can choose what dungeons to pop…


Considering that we will be testing the new endgame of exaltation and “vital combat” (which I suppose is the much-needed rebranding of IC/OOC?), I think it would actually make sense for players to have endgame keys this time around. I will be curious to see! Having portals to Oryx Sanctuary would be seriously hype, I really hope they do that.


looking forward to motmg so i have a reason to check out the game for once


gl orange




“Shoves Flash players further into abyss with event exclusion”

I don’t miss flash though. Sorry to all you that struggle on unity :cold_sweat:


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