Update - Realm of the Mad God Exalt



@PhantomMod Rejoice! The fix is upon us! /w
At least, I hope.


Was away as I had to settle some irl issues, but yep, it fixed the disconnects for me! Thanks so much for the prompt fix to the devs~

Sucks that I missed the campaign’s final 2 milestones as a result of me being unable to play, but we rejoice once again to find out that Incumace’s BP is in the current campaign, so we all good :>

Not sure if you can answer, but do you know what was the potential cause of those dcs now that they’re resolved?


I either can’t remember or never knew, but I suppose it was related to a desync related to damage done via Exaltations? =w="
Still doesn’t quite explain why I didn’t get dc’d after killing a 700 HP target with three 231-damage shots…but whatever!