Update 1.5: Balance



Awesome! Most of the changes from testing are in effect, but Mad Scientist is not being implemented as it was shown to be waayy too powerful.

Thanks for the continued updates!

Plz give me beachcake paladin. Dang that is a hot skin.


Good changes, would like to see the tp bug where if you click teleport on a player you can’t teleport too (like an invisible rogue) it activates cooldown for tp even though no teleport was made



I’d like to see Gemstone get buffed, but I’m not sure how I’d go about that personally


damn mad robe buff didnt make the cut ://////


They probably will with the shatters rework


You don’t have to use regedit to change servers :open_mouth:. Features baby.


New LOD item sprites are a lot less vibrant then before, which isn’t a bad thing but I really did like the previous aesthetic they had… Not a bad change though. If anything they match the dungeon more. Celestial blade sprite is ugly though. The previous sprite was beautiful like Dirk of Cronus. Revert that one please.

Esben item resprites look good. I prefer the old ring sprite though, but its not a big deal


I agree, the new CBlade sprite looks really ugly.


I FCKING LOVE THE NEW ESBEN STAFF AND WATER ROBE AND THEIR RESPRITES LITERALLY THE BEST THING TO EVER HAPPEN TO ME BESIDES GETTING OGMUR AND JUGG POG. also, unpopular opinion, i like the new cblade and ray sprites, but i don’t feel they belong to those items. the blades are 1 pixel too short


There should be more of a mechanical tie in / lore tie in between celestial blade and ray katana. they’re clearly meant to be mirrors of / related to each other based on the sprites. I would really like to see this concept expanded upon more than they already are.

Like… It’s almost perfect. Ray Katana doesn’t do a lot of damage, but has big range and pierces. Celestial blade does big damage, but has small true range and doesn’t pierce. I wish they were mirrored more though, you know?


there is books of arcade,backgammon and test in addition to book of chess. this hints that there propably is a working backgammon game somewhere


Those were just red herrings Deca put in to confuse people (like me lol) who tried looking into the game’s files for clues on the recent ARG. Nowhere else in the XML is there anything that resembles backgammon or space invaders, and only chess has proper XML in place.

There is also something called “Void Emperor” in the XML, but that was also a red herring.


Read the 120,000 as 120,000 billion