Update - Star Ranks - Realm of the Mad God Exalt



Time to reclaim my white star.

Edit: Deca fixed the Exaltation bug!


Damn dropped to blue star. unrelated but useast is fix now (for me at least)




ah rip I guess I actually have to log into realm later


Raising the fame threshold just makes white star more tedious than difficult, but I guess anything beyond “orange number” is a little too advanced for a vanity mechanic. Bug fixes are neat, hope all the new ones in this update can be fixed in a few months, too :slight_smile:


how it feels to be a red star:



it would we better do a square elevation

Class quest star Before Now
1 star 20 20
2 star 150 150 x 2 = 300
3 star 400 400 x 3 = 1200
4 star 800 800 x 4 = 3200
5 star 2000 2000 x 5 = 10 000


Test :frowning:


i like that star ranks actually mean something now :slight_smile:
as of right now, I personally will not be seeking to get white star back actively, I’ll get there in time, and I actually like redstar better


It’s a shame that this event is only for people who have money and not like the last event via Fame Points! It’s actually a shame, I’ve been there recently, but that makes me a little sad and my fun at playing is ruined
I would like to get involved in a discussion


Anyone got a fame train discord???


I don’t believe fame trains run anymore


As far as I remember, all Story of War campaigns have always been Gold exclusive events. There have been others that were F2P friendly(ier), and I’m sure DECA’s not through with those.


F2P bard campaign was a joke if you didn’t grind hard change my mind lol



Edit: what happened to that dude that won 200k gold? saw something on reddit about it a bit back


Still perma-banned from what I’ve heard


DECA could have just kept the tiers and added a new 15K color.


I disagree, with the “recent” fame changes, it is extremely easy to get 2k on a character, and the new star ranks also have a new star at 5k fame. Although 5k is doable, it is more realistic imo to get your fourth star there, as opposed to 2k


star ranks is all well and good but then deca should automatically ban the bots, it can’t be that difficult to write a script that filters the messages and acts accordingly when it comes to certain word sentences