Update 1.6: - Realm of the Mad God Exalt



There are two small QOL features I would really like to see in the future if possible:

Toggle in options for gravestone opacity - I want to keep the player opacity low so I can see what is going on, but I want the gravestones to be completely opaque because I think it adds a lot to completing harder dungeons and even just walking through the godlands.

Toggle for controlling summons - I think this one is a no-brainer. Right now when I play summoner I turn on auto-fire because I know I will have to hold down the middle mouse button basically 100% of the time for the summons. Just let me click it and have the summons follow the mouse please!
Edit: this could also be an in-game option, whether to hold the button to control summons or just toggle it.

Thanks for the continued updates!


If you find this annoying, I’ve bound summons to my shooting, and it has worked pretty well for me: https://amp.reddit.com/r/RotMG/comments/mgehk6/how_to_set_both_shoot_and_summon_command_to_left/


I’ve noticed that when collapsing / expanding the log, it lags for about 0.5 seconds.
Anybody else noticed this?

Also i think the minions in the ice cave which drop the new nordic knight set aren’t hp scaled (not 100% sure) and their low hp means even in a small group, it’s pretty hard to get some dps in. Would be great if their HP was increased or hp scaling was in effect.


Please tell me that you buffed the drop rate of the old necro and knight ST set. If they are no longer dropping from the mystery ST chest getting a moments mori will be the longest grind in the game. Previous STs all got their drop rates buffed when a new set came out, but I see no mention of it here

Also please please please make buffing ghost Kings not be a total waste of time. The ghost archers should be the ones that drop STs, not the king


I haven’t even bothered grinding for that set,
and I agree with that point. Compared to the Ent and Lich, the only extra items to come out of buffing a Ghost King are temporary stat boosts, which hardly seems worth the hassle. Not to mention very inconsistent…


why didn’t we get a madlab set resprite? they resprited the other changed items?


I mean they resprited the LoD items, Esben items, and Ray, but that’s less than half of the total items that were changed. They must have felt the mlab set looked fine.


memento mori, also interregnum is also pretty rare stop discriminating towards non interregnum havers (jkjk)


they fixed the glitch i posted on here :slight_smile:


mad lab looks fine??? its uglier than t13 and that’s putting it lightly


new log is cluttered and messy