Update 2.0.2 - The Shatters - Realm of the Mad God Exalt



Will the new items be added to the chests eventually, or did I make a mistake and not hoard the marks until now?


RIP to old Shatters…

But when I see:

a much-improved chance at T6 rings.

Buffs when?


Ok aside from my nonsense above, the HP scaling multiplier on Shatter bosses is too sharp…

All other dungeon bosses uses (yes even OSanc minibosses and O3 himself):
b * (1 + .1 * [p-1] + 0.1 * 0.08 * [p-1]^2)

But in Shatters (1st guess and turns out I was correct):
b * (1 + .2 * [p-1] + 0.2 * 0.08 * [p-1]^2)

A 7 man vs O3 himself yields a bit more than 1 million HP, an 88.8% HP increase.

7 man vs King however, towering over 1.5 million, almost tripling his base HP.

Seriously, his HP shouldn’t be higher than O3… and hell, Shatter is situationally harder than O3 because of the HP scaling decided to hit the stonks market and uh… getting the switches takes dang long…


this screenshot should say it all
I also read someone say “the parts in between the bosses are way too tedious/boring” during public testing, and I’d have to agree after trying it myself in production.

I also wouldn’t recommend playing the new shatters right now or fight the new Avatar, because of these:

https://www.redditmedia.com/r/RotMG/comments/pcgs7k/be_careful_for_this_guy_not_my_clip_image_in/?ref_source=embed&ref=share&embed=true (video)
the circled enemy on the pic below is the thing that killed them (it’s cloaked)

https://www.redditmedia.com/r/RotMG/comments/pcdiar/invisible_shots_without_damage_numbers_in/?ref_source=embed&ref=share&embed=true (video)

The new Avatar does stacked shots, reminiscent of the old Avatar when it was first released in late 2013 up until early 2014.