Update - Dungeon Mods optimization - Realm of the Mad God Exalt


  • Dungeon Mod “Guaranteed Stat Potion” won’t work with “minibosses” in Candyland Hunting Grounds, only with the final boss.

Because we needed one less reason to do candylands, right?

Still feel like the changes made since MotMG should have come out with its release instead of months after, but better now than never.


It was overpowered and you can farm shittons of pots indefinitely.


did cland get less boring or no?


The irony. I know I was having poor luck even compared to normal, I found a natural Cland with 6 others at start with the “guaranteed pot” bonus (and eventually down to 2 of us; 3 was the average size for most of the dungeon), and between all of us, a defense and wisdom were obtained by a single guy in nearly 60 bosses. The only pots the rest of us got were the guaranteed SB ones from the cupcake. Two us, myself included, got CC before we got pots, and that was about halfway through the run lol

On a more positive note, generally happy about the update! There’s a few fixes I appreciate, especially the portal glitch. The bug nearly killed my Necro on a duo Untaris recently, and losing the STAFF and Vesture would’ve sucked, let alone everything else…