Update on Server Problems


Note from Novachiz:
Last time this happened, the problem did not go away in a day. If I remember correctly, it took over a week to regain access to the servers. If this is the case again, I wanted to bring to your attention that Muledump can be used to sign in for your daily rewards. You cannot claim them while the servers are down, but by refreshing your account on Muledump you can unlock the rewards for the next time you are able to access the servers. Here is the most recent Muledump forum topic which contains all you need to know to set up Muledump:

For anyone who is unfamiliar with Muledump, it is a program, approved by DECA and previous owners of RotMG, which provides a plethora of information on your characters statistics and your accounts’ inventories.


Does the online version of Muledump count as refreshing your account login as well?


I have not tried it in a situation like this, but under normal circumstances it did, and I would assume it still works. Either way it can’t hurt to try


It does.


I’ve moved this into #news:developers-corner as it’s a Deca announcement.

The Deca Reddit topic got an update an hour later that everything had been resolved, and normal service resumed:

All Servers Full [resolved now]

On the topic of daily rewards, if you’re still on flash you don’t need to load into nexus in order to count as a “login”, simply being on the home menu will count.

Not sure about unity if the infiload would count, but kinda hard to test. Guess I could try manually changing the preferred server in the registry thing to a full server and try :man_shrugging:


You could also try it on an alt to avoid the possibility of missing it if this method doesn’t work


Was this bert’s doing again


Yup. He was trying to get his friends unbanned


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