Urgle tries things



In this thread, i’ll share what i do (or try to do) ranging from rotmg to other games, art etc.

My current goal is to fully exalt knight, since i am skilled enough* to complete o3s without problem (more than 90 completes!)


alright. here i go!


Finally tried an o3 on my main knight (full o3 set and ogmur)

Didn’t use a single ichor! Having 970 hp and 85 def is pretty juicy.


I wish you the goodest luck~!




it’s so cuuute!




Are you still exalting knight or do you have something else in mind rn?


Nah i stopped exalting since my knight died. As of now I’m farming lotlls for ogmurs and i’m doing realm clearing.

Unrelated note: i dreamt i was a chicken and i was laying eggs this night.


That sounds kinda kinky.

how did it feel :smirk:


i died


RIP that CDirk and Fool Prism. :confused:


And coin, monocle, turncoat, and brain. Heck, even deca, too.


heck even t1 dirk of <>


minecraft potion casually standing on a beautiful mouse pad. Why did i make this? i have no idea.


Because it looks cool as heck



name change incoming!


What are you gonna change to?


Urgle !

I’ve never used this ign anywhere other than rotmg and it’s time to change it to one i actually use.

i will have to wait until deca support answers, which should take a few days


I would prefer “SirCultson” like your Discord’s name.


I will miss “Demonseye,” man…

Wait, was “Urgle” really not taken after all this time, or is the reason you’re contacting DECA to see if you can claim that name off of an inactive player?