Use for duplicate blueprints


So now that we have blueprints in the game, it is frustrating to get an S or SS tier blueprint only to find that it is one that you already have. Currently the only thing you can do is to use it for forgefire reduction. That charges naturally over time anyways so I don’t see this as particularly useful.

I thought of a few possible ideas for the duplicate blueprints:

  • Be able to use them as forge, equal to dismantling 1 of the item that it covers. So for the S and SS tier, it would give you 15 legendary forge or enough for 1/3-1/4 of another item.

  • Make them exchangable for schematics! It takes 50 schematics to turn them in for a new blueprint, but an idea is to make a quest for other blueprints of the S and SS tier, to exchange them for 10-20 schematics.

Do you guys have other thoughts on what could be done? Or does anyone think the current system is fine?


I prefer this idea better.


Me too, I feel like it fits with the whole theme of forging, turning in 1 thing for a third of something of the same value. Plus it helps with the very slow schematic grind.


Blueprints are pretty common, so no, even if I think this is good, DECA wouldn’t. After all, they’re losing money from people who buy the ore things (if the legendary ones are even purchasable).

Knowing DECA, if they do something like this they’ll make the quest cost 100 schematics again oh no no pepelaugh


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