[USE] The Sinful is recruiting again


After a very long time, The Sinful is finally back! We are starting over from scratch and will be building to become a enjoyable and fun experience for all members. We hope you understand that because we are starting over we need active members now more than ever. Thank you for reading and have a great day!


Welcome to the recruitment page for The Sinful! A guild based mostly around the enjoyment of its members, and the acquirement of loot! Here is what you need to know,
  1. If you are caught hacking/cheating in any way you will be permanently banned on first offense.

  2. We speak English. If you struggle or can’t speak English it is in your best interest not to join.

  3. We have a discord. We will send out pings whenever we pop or whenever we are just farming the realm! Important announcements such as events and changes to the guild will also be notified.

  4. We do pop keys! We are constantly popping keys here and there, and we always support those who pop for us with donations and rewards on discord.

  5. We also ask you be active in the guild. Anyone who goes inactive with no explanation for over a week will be warned, and if you don’t reply you will be kicked! We also have a Guild Time, which you are required to make at least one of every month, or be active in the discord.


  1. Please remain civil and don’t insult others. Trolling/flaming, creepy behavior, harassment, or unwanted PMs is not tolerated.

  2. Bigotry, sexism, racism, or homophobia will not be tolerated.

  3. No talking about politics or controversial subjects in the main channels.

  4. We will not go out of our way to catch hackers, but if you are caught you will be removed from the guild instantly.

  5. No NSFW/NSFL images, names or roleplaying.

  6. No being hostile towards certain groups for their ideas regardless of your intentions.

  7. Do not spam. This includes excessive usage of bot commands, emojis, or messages; unnecessary tagging or pinging of people; constant use of all capitals. No unsolicited messages or invites.

  8. No playing ear rape, offensive content, or NSFW content with the music bot.

  9. Refrain from channel hopping, screaming into your mic, or using a voice changer.

  10. While you do not need to make every guild time, it is required to be in at least one every week. If you are ever unable to attend, please message an officer or above that you will be absent.

★ If you ever feel an officer or above is treating you unfairly, please pm either a leader or a founder and we will try to fix the problem asap.

You can find these rules and more on our discord server


In The Sinful we have a unique ranking system that you must learn to follow. From least prestigious to most the ranks are as follows,

  • Friends: While not in the actual guild, friends are those who were once in the guild or are friends of a member. To become a friend someone in the guild who is at least an officer must approve of you and you must be active.

  • Initiate and member: The first rank you recieve. When you first join and verify you will be an Initiate, and once being in the guild for at least a week and being active, you will become a member.

  • Officer: Officers enforce the rules. They are here to make sure everyone has an enjoyable and fun experience. They will lead hack checks and can kick and ban players who break rules. However, if you kick a member for no reason, you will be demoted and muted for 2 days, and possibly even kicked.

  • Leaders: Leaders are some of the most trusted and loyal members of The Sinful. They enforce the rules to all members, even officers, and have a lot of responsibility to the guild. If you are a leader and abuse the role for personal gain or otherwise, you will be demoted and muted for 4 days, and it is likely you will be kicked!

  • Admins: The top leader in the guild besides the Founder. The Admin is the one who helps the Founder run the guild. The Admin keeps the leaders in check and makes sure no one is breaking the rules. The Admin of The Sinful is given the Founder role.


  1. BE ACTIVE! This includes in the discord.

  2. Have AT LEAST 2 6/8s or 1 8/8 and be able to max pretty quick.

  3. Have discord, and please be active in the call. If you are shy around people, do not have a mic, or just don’t like talking this is not the guild for you!

  4. Know how to do Tombs and Shatters cleanly.

  5. Don’t become hostile or quit the game if you die, it happens, get over it.

  6. We ask you to please be a chill person, as I do not want toxicity in the guild.

    How to join

To join The Sinful, please apply here! One of us will add you on discord if you are accepted and have a talk with you to make sure you will be a good fit.


We will reply to your application within 24 hours if you were accepted!

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