USWEST is down


USWest, the server i get connected to through “best server”, is down.
To confirm, I asked a couple people if they were lagging, and they shouted “YES!”.
After exiting the server, I got loaded to the error screen, and got logged out.
Are any other servers down and/or lagging more than usual?
what are some good servers to play ATM that have a good amount of people playing in them?


EUW is laggin’ too.


USE is good


USW is definitely not working.


I’ve been having big issues on USW, and minor issues across all other servers I tried, mostly USE2


Oh, I’m not the only one experiencing this? That’s nice to know.
I asked around in a few Realms and people were flaming me for some reason.

I don’t get the error screen, but every time I click “PLAY”, it takes 30 seconds for my character to successfully warp to the Nexus. Then there’s a bunch of unloaded parts of the map and that stubbornly refuse to load for at least a minute. After it loads, I think, “At least the Nexus is fully loaded now,” before the parts behind my character go unloaded and I wanna hurt myself.

Now that I think of it, that’s probably why all of my online guildmates were hopping into random servers.


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