UT. Shield of Beholder


what’s the downside of using this item?


Are you sure this isn’t broken? For 100 MP?


This is a direct upgrade to colo shield. Better damage, better effects, better stat bonuses, better fame bonus. Sprites aren’t terrible but the stats for this shield are.


Super Broken. Petrify is way too op. Low Mana, high damage, to similar to Colo. Use one of these:

  1. Description: Shield that can see the flaws of all.
    Tier: UT
    MP Cost: 120
    Width/Shots 4
    Damage: 150-250 (800)
    Projectile Speed: 16
    Range 3.2
    Effect: Stun for 2 seconds
    Curse for: 4 Seconds
    (Berserk or Damaging to self can also work with some stat/description tweaks.)
    Stat Bonus: +6 Def +6 Atk
    Fame Bonus 6%
    Feed Power: 850

  2. Description: The shield that may bend time itself.
    Tier: UT
    MP Cost: 120
    Shots: 1
    Damage: 1500-2000 Damage
    Projectile Speed: 0
    Range: 0
    Bullet duration: 5 seconds
    Cooldown: 5 Seconds
    Effect: Petrify for 3 seconds.
    Stat Bonuses: +12 Def +4 Spd
    Fame Bonus: 6%
    Feed Power: 850

I tried lmao


Can someone please move this to WIP (since its a sprite poll which means its unfinished) @moderators


I moved it to WIP. Note that regulars can do that, in general you don’t want to unnecessarily ping the mods, lest they take vengeance.


WHOA OP pretty ok actually


eye of cthulhu in terraria confirmed.


idk how to get regular no one likes my posts or topics :frowning:


Dis too op it should cost 130 mp


Fixed (I spent more than 30 minutes… What am i doing with my life)


Don’t worry about it, if you’re active on the forums you’ll get it naturally.


What about now ?


This is the boss sprite I made for Beholder dungeon.



I still think the combined paralyze and stun is overpowered, but I’m not an item balance expert. It’s certainly less OP than it was.




I am active just never seem to get and I have been active in past 100 days.


wow thats epic dude!
keep it up! :+1:


would be better to not use the same effect, so i was thinking the effect should be Confused and Unstable for 3 second it would look like your Blinding the enemy


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