UT Wakizashi Idea


I’m kind of surprised that this suggestion of mine I made years ago hasn’t been added into the game as a Wakizashi UT:

It seems like such a simple but cool concept that I know so many people would want for their Samurai.

Name idea: Wakizashi of a Thousand Cuts
What does it do?: You can hold your ability down and it cuts from every direction around your cursor continuously (not from every direction at once, but the shots can come from every direction) taking away X amount of mana per cut. It’d do low damage per hit and not inflict a status effect, but you’d be able to continuously fire it until your MP is drained, and it’d just look really cool.

I got the idea when thinking of scenes in anime where someone cuts someone like 20 times in a split second and then they just fall apart into pieces.

Honestly, this should have been the Oryx UT Wakizashi, not the one we actually got which in my opinion is pretty lame.


This actually sounds sick! I can already picture memes putting the Metaknight “hiyiyiya” sound effect over clips of it. You shouldn’t be surprised that it isn’t in the game, but definitely great to bring it back to people’s mind. This is a really unique, awesome idea.


Ok, the Meta Knight part made me laugh :joy:


As described that would be very expensive to draw, for an ability. For some reason players’ abilities have a much greater performance impact than shots. I guess as all shots use the same code, no matter how many are on screen at once, but abilities are much more variable with often unique visual representations.

It in particular would lead to a particular problem which is damage text spam. Doing lots of little amounts of damage might not be effective but it would be expensive to draw, even with particles and other players shots turned down or off. It’s why e.g. Poisons only activate every second, not continuously, as doing it too often would be ruinous for performance (Poisons already are one of the worst offenders for performance, if you hit a large enough crowd with one).


The main problem with continuous spam of projectiles is the inevitable DC that will occur to the player using it. Also I’m not sure if currently implemented xml features lets you do what you’re describing just yet, but it may be possible soon.


Mana Build Samurai be like:


Mana Build Sammy OP.