UT's are boring


I personally believe that UT’s should be special with special effects. However, all UT’s are basically their tiered counterparts with a different effect. For example. The T6 quiver and QoT are fundamentally the same things- a single,straight-line projectile that deals damage+inflicts a status effect.

All tomes basically give HP+healing+some positive status effect.


With the port to unity, if new, more complex abilities are possible, I personally believe that fundamentally different UT’s should be added. Marble seal is a decent example of this.


I agree. I think UTs should have mechanics as cool as their sprites, and not just be for flexing.


do you have any idea how difficult that would be if you think mseal is only “decent” in terms of being an outlier? here I’ll give you an example:

take every single UT that currently exists in the game and redo it how you think they should be. if you can somehow make them all completely different from tiered items in every way without having them copy each other’s effects, then maybe you might have something. but I guarantee you a bunch of those will be bland and/or not useful.

I don’t really have a problem with what UT’s are atm. having them be “fundamentally similar” makes it clear that this thing is supposed to be a quiver instead of god knows what.


Nah, not even I would ask DECA to re-make all of the currently existing UT’s.

I just want newer UT’s to be special.
Freezing Quiver, while technically not that special, is a breath of fresh air because it shoots not one, but three shots. wow.


There are some UTs that sail close to their tiered counterparts, and some that are very different. IMO it’d be wrong to constrain the game by only allowing one or other of these options. A good mix of similar and different items should be the goal.

A major drawback of having too-radical UTs is the risk of an item becoming a “must use” for the class, which should never be the case. Fulmi was like this for a while, as was Cwand, before changes reigned them in.

For this reason I actually dislike it when a UT is powerful and radically different, such as the marble seal concept, it’s regretful that it’s been used on a rare UT that many players will never get to use, when it could have been the basis for an entire new class’s tiered ability (with varying effects/durations/ranges).

I am all for fundamentally different items, but I want to see them on new classes much more than overcomplicating existing ones and leaving us needing to cart around a full inventory of swapouts for different situations, and it comes to a point where the % of time you use an alternate UT is so low, that it becomes a burden to carry it. What I’m trying to say in a long way is let new classes be the outlet for giving us different things to play around with.


Honestly, that’s why I make my UT ideas really wacky or weird since no one wants another generic QOT or jug reskin with terrible stats. I do think they should look more into ally entities like the bee helmet’s bees and other stuff. We do need new classes as well imo, but with how long it took for a new class to be added in game I doubt we’ll start getting them as fast as we do new UTs.


It’s not special at all because it’s a reskin. It’s basically the same thing as a tiered quiver, but with 3 shots. Basically the same level of difference that you originally complained about.


If you’re talking about the freezing quiver being a reskin of the beehemoth quiver, freezing quiver came first


Just to clarify, we’re talking about abilities here. Right? Because if you make the argument that if it shoots more shots, it’s cool, then ep is just about the coolest thing ingame.


Yes, new and fundamentally different abilities. Not the same point and shoot quiver, not your same spam space to heal for X with positive buff Y, etc

I may have forgotten a /s in there.

@Xaklor: Bad wording. Mseal is a great 8.5/10 example of a “fundamentally different” ability imo.


yeah its a good thing we dont have any bland or not useful uts in the game

Maybe they dont all have to be fundamentally different but at least have them be interesting

like the hivemaster helm, how it has bees that come out of it. I think it would be nice to see people using unique abilities instead of people smashing the game with the same UTs


Exactly- why tf would you make another ogmur/T6/Scutum when you can make something else?


I think any interesting UT Ability will happen on Unity.

Things like: Shield that reflects/weakens bullets, Trap that attracts enemies (not like a decoy, but like a black hole), Scepter that charges (the longer you hold spacebar, the strongest the blast will be once you release it), Tome that gives a healing aura around the Priest, a Prism that teleports you into a pocket dimension where any bullet that enters it gets slower. Stuff like that.


I don’t get how your scale of originality works.

Freezing Quiver is “a breath of fresh air” for being a buffed T2 but QoT is “unoriginal” despite having completely different uses compared to all tiered Quivers and a CD that forces you to aim it more carefully instead of mindlessly spamming?

Ogmur is “the same as T6” despite, again, having completely different uses?

Sounds to me like you’re focusing too much on how fancy the shot patterns look and not enough on how the item actually is in gameplay.


Why is this a post.


Fundamentally, it’s the same item, with the same usage manual. Walk up, press spacebar. It’s just the effects are different, the way you use them is literally the exact same.

I wish I didn’t mention the freezing quiver.

I believed that UT’s in their current state are boring. That’s why.


okay so how about you stick to ogmuring crusade commanders and pissing off everyone around you while I actually use the two items for their intended, different purposes?



Indeed. Just like how a water pistol and a rocket launcher are the exact same weapon. Point it at something, press the trigger. It’s just the effects that are different, the way you use them is literally the exact same.

Seriously how does that logic make any sense? Do you only use your Ability to do damage regardless of what class you’re using and never pay attention to what it actually does?

If anything, this is more you having a problem using your Shield correctly because of the overuse of Stun Immunity in this game rather than tiered Shields being too similar to Ogmur.

Which, mind you, is perfectly understandable, but has nothing to do with UT variety.


Why would anyone ogmur a crusade?

Yes, because the tactics involved in using a rocket launcher and the water gun are the exact same, right? With an ogmur, you go in, press space, and get out, same thing with the colo.

I’m not asking for a complete overhaul of current UT’s, I’m just asking for a few that don’t have the basic shoot x shots at y range with effect z.


… then why did you say this:

in the exact same post? If there are enemies against which T6 is preferable to Ogmur, doesn’t that mean that there are different tactics to be used with each?

The entire point of Colo is that you don’t need to get out. Stunned enemies don’t shoot, therefore keeping the Stun on a boss allows you to stay on it.

You don’t have to get out if you use Ogmur either, you just need to be confident in your ability to tank or dodge whatever will come your way, or be coordinated with another Knight who takes care of the Stun.

Playing Knight the way you describe is completely sub-optimal, as it doesn’t take advantage of the class’ strengths and instead tries to turn it into a damage dealer, a task for which the Knight just isn’t as well equipped as, say, the average Wizard.

That’s perfectly reasonable, but at the same time you have to understand that there will always be a limit to how wacky you can make items in a game like this.

Also there will always be shooting and projectiles in a shooting game.