V1 The interesting Glitch Thread


So recently there have been some odd things happening in rotmg including dye removers removing more than the dye you had on or walking through walls without a trickster. This thread is so you can share your odd goings on!




Is it worth going here?


Party pooper


Sorry bro :man_shrugging:t5:

[Edit/reply: I think glitches will be more just unsolvable things, lag etc, so probs not worth having them in the T.I. thread. But if anything genuinely bugged with the game is newly found I do encourage you to make a post in the #game-discussion:bugs category! -Nevov]


I predict that Level -1 and Doppleganger will both be in here by the 30th post




just looking for loose change ;p


When I insert this link my clone is back lol


I remember someone saw a pentaract eye in a cem


I think you can do this by turning off your internet, walking into the fountain, then turning your internet back on again.


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