Valentine's Day Events [Feb 12th to Feb 19th]


Copied from a Deca Reddit post:

[Spoilers] 2 Bella UTs and more
Patch 32.5.0
The White Bag Thread v2

time to get another free qot


Thanks deca, very nice bday present just for me :wink:
Now gimmie whites I wished for them
I also couldn’t say yesterday its my bday big sad
also event ended before I could get an armor bigger sad
my assassin died so even bigger sad
I suicided 2 8/8’s nothing bad

Refill my faults now deca
All the things I couldn’t say on the forums is now just flooding out lol

May I ask though
What in the hell is this? Looks like all the memes of unity.


Imagine if there was a way to combine the 2 heart pieces lul

150 hp, 150 mp, 5 vit, 5 wis


Wait a minute

I still have the qot and the ring

Im half way there already!!!

I just realized letters are trade able.


Really not enjoying the Bud phase…complaints about it during development, as well, and now I’ve lost a character to it, on top of that.


[Edit2: in-game menu graphic (similar to the one used on the Reddit)]:


Deca really does seem intent on reworking everything regardless of whether it is needed. Old Bella certainly could catch you out, but it wasn’t too much of an unfair fight. At least the changed graphics will alert players that it’s a change so to beware.

But why not leave Bella as it was, and make a NEW tougher Valentine dungeon to please those who enjoy a tougher challenge. Then we’d have two things to run instead of one and more choice is better.

Also, a shame there’s nothing new to spend the hearts on if you’ve already got the Valentine Archer items from previous years, and the only repeatable quest is for a random shot at the same items.

I guess tradeable at least means they’re still worth collecting, to sell to others (but for what, if nothing new tradeable ever appears – more Decas maybe?). RealmEye Trading’s got their listings live & ready to go at least:

[Edit: I see now the Love Letters as well as the Hearts are also tradeable this year, but aren’t on RE pages. I’ve messaged to MrEyeball to hopefully get them selectable on there Asap.]

Or could be time for a round of “pimp my mule”.


time to farm ez and free UBHP…


The old Bella was a joke of a bossfight, though. It really didn’t challenge you until the flower-bloom phase, if you accidentally stood on a red one.
I really hope they consider nerfing the Bud damage.



we’ll probably get a quest to combine these, based on the advertisement image in-game



i am way too scared of bella but i really want the star




You realise a ubhp is worth 2 decas


Oi! Don’t forget that’s a 7% fame version of UBHP. :star_struck:


i just did my first bella and holy that last phase is unnecessarily dangerous. i nexused at 100 hp



no mp bonus from gem of tenderness after combined…it would be nice if decker make this soulful affection more balance on stats like (100 hp 100 mp 3 vit 3 wis) after combined


Rip event.

I didn’t manage to loot the red gem. Got 6x blues. UT exchange when? :laughing:


No red gem but a lot of blue gem gang