Valus Assasin Set


Yes! I know that Poison is just reskinned Vial,but if I ever get to work on dungeon i want to make for them Valus fight will explain why.

Sacrificial Dagger
It is known to give power to people that give it sacrificies it demands…

  • Damage: Middle Projectile: 130-260, Outside Projectile: 60-140
  • Projectiles: 2 (Middle- Goes straight in middle, Outside- Waves around middle projectile)
  • Range 5.4
  • RoF: 62%
  • Middle - Pierces Armor, Outside - Pierces through enemies, passes through obstacles
  • Stats: +3 Dex -3 Def

Pretty simple dagger trading RoF for Damage and 2 Projectiles- But those aren’t just 2 projectiles dealing same damage, but 2 projectiles dealing different damage and with different shot pattern. (Thicc line - Shot Dealing more damage)

Cultist’s Flask
Vial still uncorrupted by Void… Brought back to life with unknown magic.

  • MP/HP Cost: 100MP and 30HP
  • Damage: Leaves Black Sludge (4 Tiles) on ground dealing 1600 Damage/5.5s
  • Impact Damage: 400, throws 3 mini Flask’s around Leaving black Sludge (2 Tiles) on ground but dealing only 200 damage/2s
  • Enemies in Sludge are Cursed
  • Takes 2 Seconds to Land
  • Decreases maximum HP by 60 (8s) every use, every next use halves amount of HP decrease (60, 30, 15, 7, 3, Soo most you could get is about -116)
  • Stats: +30HP, +3 Dex, -5Spd

Poison that deals MASSIVE damage, but costs you both HP and MP while also decreasing your maximum HP. Image below shows how it would look like, smaller black dots around are 3 smaller Sludge’s/3 Followers.

Armor of the Lost
insert creative description here

  • Stats: +8 Def, +80Hp, +12 Dex, -8Spd

Trades Def + Spd for HP and Dex.

Memorial Amulet
Valus kept all of his memories within this little amulet, his family, his love… All this gone trying to defeat the Mad God.

  • Stats: +120Hp, +12 Dex, +10Vit, -40MP, -2 Att, -6 Spd
  • Special Atribute: When equipped with Cultist’s Flask:
    • Instead of Throwing 3 Mini Flask’s Summons 3 Followers of Valus in their Place
    • Duration: 5s
    • Shoot 6 Projectiles every 1s (Pattern Similiar to Hideout)
    • Each Projectiles deals 100 Damage

Again, any ideas to improve this set are welcome! <3