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Lots of vetaran players, including myself, will have Vanity Pets that are probably considered pretty rare now! For me, this is my Beer Slurp :slight_smile: I think Deca should implement the ability for people (only) with these pets to be able to show them off in the realm as a Pet Skin that is available if they possess them. I think this would be a really nice way to acknowledge vetaran players and is a nice reminder of the old pets. My poor slurp has been locked away for a decade!
I’m wondering what other people think of this :slight_smile: I’m sure lots of people still have a slurp or a beachball!


I think the only one that you might have now is Beer Slurp.

I know there were others you could get, but pretty sure Beer Slurp was the only one that actually did anything. So when functional, i.e. the current system, pets were added all the vanity pets were converted to functional pets. Except the Beer Slurp as there was no way to map its ability onto the new pets, and the people who had bought one would complain if it just became a common pet.

They broke it though. You could no longer get it to follow you in your vault and then take it into the world – the new pets took over that mechanic. You had to take it into Realm in your inventory, and if you died with it would lose it. Which was pretty inevitably going to happen, in a game about permadeath and dying to e.g. level your new pet.

I would think most people stopped using it. I did, and eventually used it as pet food, not wanting to use it briefly only to lose it. Some other players with them likely don’t play anymore. There can be very few people who still have them. I don’t know how much interest there would be either – it would be commemorating something very few players remember. I remember as I had one but I don’t think I’d use a pet skin of it.

Beachball is different, not really a pet. I have one and got it more recently, definitely didn’t pay for it. So it must have dropped, or been available for free/fame. Probably still a large number of them in game.


Yeah, the beachball was one I believe was up for purchase during the realease of the Beach Zone. Not a convential pet that follows you but a sort of ‘launcher’. I get what you mean about people not wanting to make their older pets into the modern pets, but having the option to do so might be a nice thing for some players. With pets like the Beachball or Rock, whilst they don’t do anything some players probably could appreciate having the chance to show them off as a pet skin, since they are still exclusive pets. Seeing those pets would be a sign of long-term commitment to the game (albeit the rock is much newer). It is a shame a lot of current players won’t know of or remember these old skins, but for those who do it would be nostalgic.


Hey, made my own beer slurp :grinning:


Should have replied earier. When you first mentioned them I did not think of the Vanity Pets on the wiki. I was thinking of the pets available before functional pets. Those were the ones that were converted to functional pets, except for Beer Slurp, which is why I wrote that’s the only one you might still have.

The current Vanity Pets are different. Most are not really pets, as they don’t follow you continuously. They need to be activated, and either have an instant action (Beach Ball) or follow you a short time then vanish with a long cooldown. I would say the only ones that work like pets are the Beer Slurp and Pet Rock.


Yeah, but perhaps they should be given the ability to move! And the fact that there’s so few of them makes them stand out even more :^)


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