Vault items lost


So there’s been the new DECAnniversary pack with x100 mys pots and legendary skins for pets and chars. I was drinking all the pots when I switched chars and i looked in my vault and all the items were gone. Only the items I had from the previous day were there. Any help? ;-; rly want my mystery pots back


Is your gift chest vault full? If so, then leave and go back in. The itmes should start showing up




Well… are you sure you’re looking hard enough? They couldn’t have disappeared while you were switching chars. I’ve never heard of a glitch like that.


Ye, I know i didn’t accidentally use all of the pots because I did the math and the amount of pots needed to max my char 8/8 was less than 100. So i’m not sure what happened.


Try sending a support ticket to deca I suppose


how? ;-;



tysm :smiley:


Hmmm i logged in where do i go to send a support ticket?



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