Vault Package Doesnt Let You Choose which vaults


I just bought the vault package which gives me 6 vaults, but they gave me 6 random vaults in random rows. Why is this a thing and why am I not allowed to choose? I now have three uncompleted rows with random spaces in between them. Is there a way I can refund this or fix this?


The vaults open up in a specific (awful) order. It’s not a bug or anything, you just can’t choose. I don’t think you should refund over something like that, but if you really want to you can try contacting Deca support.


It’s more than awful its literally random chests in completely different rows. I was trying to finish the first section, but instead it opened chests in all three sections in seperate rows. I opened a ticket hopefully DECA can fix this otherwise I’d rather get a refund.


Seems more like an OCD thing than anything. Vaults are vaults, their function doesn’t change based on whether or not they’re in the same row.


I’m pretty sure they can’t fix it since that’s just how the game works. But a refund?? I think I should remind you the point of vault space is the ability to store more items.


If you mean it didn’t open up the ones near the very top and instead opened a few on either the left or the right or both, yes that is the specific awful order that they open up in.


But I actually do have OCD so that actually triggers it :confused:


Yeah thats exactly what happened :frowning:


I know but it still didnt have any warning or such. I thought it would be common sense that they would open the next ones in an order.


It doesnt actually matter, bro.

Also when replying to multiple people, quote them


It really bothers OP


They open up in an order that is most efficient; the nearest chest is opened first.
Since there are chests on the left and right that are nearer than the chests directly above the spawning point, those are opened before the others.


If you had done a quick search, you would have found others have come to the forums to make this same complaint.

There are others, but this “issue” is not new and unless this is your first time buying vaults, you should have known or at least realized how they open. Only thing you can do is to request a refund, but even then, it seems unlikely they will refund you since it was not purchased by mistake. Either way, good luck.


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