Vault space should be unlimited


Inventory management is one of the most frustrating and annoying things about this game. I’ve spent an unreasonable amount of money on vault space and STILL have to use HALF of my characters as storage characters because my vault space isn’t enough. Having such a small vault just sucks the fun out of the game and that’s coming from somebody with a 170 slot vault, I can’t imagine playing this game with a default sized vault.

Quite literally the only reason the vault isn’t unlimited is because DECA wants to make money out of it. They already make enough money, but they need to make more off of people’s frustration by making vaults ridiculously small.

They also purposefully make events drop a lot of items that people want to keep but don’t have vault space for because they know people will end up buying vault space during events to fit all of the shit. It’s a really scummy business tactic.

a - Vaults should be unlimited
b - Vault upgrades should give you an extra 50 slots, not 10.

This one small change would make Realm so much more enjoyable in my opinion.

There is no reason not to do it, because people can just make mule accounts and use those as storage. All of those mule accounts that are used for nothing but storage do nothing but take up names that other actual people would want to use. It’s a win-win making vault space unlimited minus DECA taking a small hit in profits.

So DECA, what do you care about more? Enjoyablity, or profits? (That’s a rhetorical question. Obviously they care more about profit.)


Deca wants money so this definitely won’t happen.


It would be nice if there was a way to get vault spaces and character slots through playing the game, rather than buying, oryxmas free packs, or logging in daily for months.


Literally laughed out loud when I saw this post on the subreddit


Yep. Money that’s needed to keep the game running.

I don’t think you realise how damaging your idea would be. Right now the three recommended ways to spend money are on vault spaces, potion rack capacity, and char slots. In fact they’re arguably the only long term investment worth making.

If vaults were free and unlimited it would damage all three income streams. No-one would need to pay for potion rack space ever again. And once you have more than a few char slots additional ones are primarily used for storage, especially if you can keep them alive long enough that you have more than enough backpacks to go around.

Finally there’s the problem that if vault space were unlimited what’s to stop players filling up their vaults with garbage? A dozen of every mark. Dozens of HP pots, MP pots. You would never need to throw anything away as you could always store it, just in case you found a use for it, as you filled hundreds, thousands, even ten-thousands of vault slots. Imagine the impact on both game performance and server costs.


Games free and you enjoy it. IMO you should be willing to pay for services you enjoy.

Vaults are pretty reasonable.


Definitely never going to happen. Honestly, after seeing how crazy the P2W is in games like Diablo Immortal, I think the P2W aspects of Realm are really well done. Obviously you need to have an income stream, but just think about how different the game would be if you genuinely had to buy equipment and stuff to have a late game character. The fact that you can (I know it’s not easy and takes a lot of time, trust me) max your characters relatively easily without paying money is so good for the health of the game. Given the choice between much more P2W aspects regarding gear (not going to talk about pets as that’s a whole other subject) and having vault space be limited and something that you expand over time as you play the game, I’ll take the vault space limitation every time. And oh by the way, as long as your characters die occasionally the vault storage becomes less and less of an issue.


Currently at paragon 19 and 100% F2P.

Unlike realm vaults that shit is not reasonable and mad predatory


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sorry, but this is a really dumb thesis on many fronts




This, precisely.
There are a number of ways to combat hoarding items, and Realm’s method as chosen by Rob & Alex was to limit inventory space - a relatively understandable decision, considering permadeath has been one of the key elements of the game. Limiting how much a player can stack between characters is understandable.
Monetizing an increase of it while also granting a slower method of increasing it is also a fairly standard practice - see also the millions of mobile games doing pretty much exactly this - albeit frustrating when comparing the rates.

Without some additional methods to limit hoarding, infinite vault space simply won’t make the game healthier.


I think that the 3:1 potions that the Tinkerer have is amazing for almost f2p players as me.

Forging UTs is another great thing.

Getting fame is easier now and there are a lot of whitebags and STs, whenever I’m full of items, I start forging things I need. And with potions, if I’m already maxed I overpay like a madman.

I used to spend time in crowded servers buying and selling. And that sucks. If the tinkerer needs 3dex for 1 gdex. I buy dex like 4def:1dex or something that allows me to get rid of items. I don’t save repeated items.

At the end of the day, we are playing a game and you will get those items or enough items to keep playing.

I think I can max two chards if I die with all those G-potions in my giftchest. I had a ST Necro set, am I playing with a Necro? No… feed that shit.

But, to be honest. I would love to buy vault space for like 100,000 fame points.


I agree, though the limitations of vault-space are quite frustrating, I beg to differ that even with 170 slots of vault space – personally sounds like poor management, though DECA does indeed push the idea to buy your way to satisfaction, they still keep the functions of the gift chest, having hold the unlimited space like xRetz requested, though it has it’s drawbacks, it can still be utilized very efficiently.

But, I also have to agree that the pressure to expand is intense, especially for the new player. I feel like DECA could be a little more merciful when it comes to ‘offering’ expansion, like for example, making the first vault upgrade cost 500 - 1000 fame, then have the 2nd purchasable upgrade require the 40 coins each account gets by default. I feel like if they we’re able to input this, it would make the game alot more favorable, and slow down (if not cease) the decline of the game’s concurrent players.


Do vault upgrades actually give you 10 more slots now? i was under the assumption it was still 8, that’s what it was in the past but i haven’t bought vault chests since the amount you can have became unlimited.


I’m sorry I don’t play Diablo is paragon 19 good?


Absolutely not. As much as I stand with helping F2P more (even though I spent 2k USD in RotMG), this will break the game balance and will also hurt Deca in the long term too. Unlimited slots is basically beyond the extreme.

170 slot vault? So that’s 1,360 overall? Also, 10 extra slots is fairly generous.

Also knock it off.


Sounds like you need to clear out your vault. You’d be surprised how much junk you have in there that you really don’t need. I have a similar amount of space and have no issues managing storage because I throw useless stuff out or craft items into higher value items.