Vaulting glitch looses vesture and crown


Vaulted a vesture and a crown, switched to another character to vault some other items and the vesture and crown were not there. The most annoying part is that they are ppe items from my summoner, so I can’t just steal items from my wizard. My clipping thingy is only 30 seconds long so I was only able to clip my reaction to the items being missing. My only proof is that my realmeye clearly shows my summoner using a vesture and crown but my actual game does not have any of these items. Is there any way deca will retrieve these items or do I really have to do 150 more o3s and 50 more shatters on a ppe just because decas game is shit?

EDIT: I also vaulted a valentine as well which is not there


Okay my vault is officially broken. I took a gemstone out of my vault, when I went back in later there was another gemstone in the same place that I’d took the last one out of and I still had the one I took out.




Nothing personnel, kid. better not hack next time :sunglasses:


Okay a quick update on everything, I’ve changed my clipping time to 1 minute and through that I’ve saved a cuirass, another vesture, monacle, superior and 3 coins. Apparently the issue is when you vault an item and switch to another character, you have a low chance of this item not appearing in the vault OR if you take an item out of your vault and switch characters you have a small chance of another item appearing in said slot.


thanks for the dupe method


yw qt I tried for like 30 mins to recreate it but it didn’t work so it’s most likely got something else to it than just that