Vertical Oryx Announcement


I thought I was going a bit crazy at first seeing garbled garbage on the side of the screen, but I then notice that it was Oryx himself! This small little Oryx announcement bug also happened to everyone else in the realm (I asked a few other people and they said yes). Only time I have ever seen something like this on Exalt or RotMG.


Can you point out the bug for me? I don’t see anything out of the ordinary in your screenshots.


Look on the far left of the chat


Oryx, go home, you’re drunk.


Strangely, this can also happen to the Realm Eye.


i remember that


It seems to happen only to specific text dialogues, rather than occuring by chance to any dialogue.

Most of Oryx’s taunts about the Dwarf Miner event results in the vertical text bug
Although, this is the first time I’ve seen the vertical text happening elsewhere (ie. Seelpit’s Leucoryx prompt)


I think we could assume Oryx likes to say things straight forward


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