Veteran O3 player: ask me any tips


Hi there,

Recently I thought about myself learning O3 on my own several months ago and remembered it was such a painful experience. But if someone had taught me like I’ve done for a few friends, I would have avoided many deaths and my learning curve would’ve skyrocketed

So here I am to share with you some of my knowledge, feel free to ask anything, if you have trouble with a phase in particular, don’t know what safespot you could use in a certain situation, what decision you should go for when X or Y happens, things like that

I’ll post here a few tips first on how to (I’ll keep this list updated when posting more vids):

And for more experienced players, here’s an O3 run on wizard


Thanks for this, Neo. The footage of inner rotates will definitely help. :sweat_smile:

Any footage / advice for fate chases? I know there’s a way to weave between the shots when he chases you, but I always panic and nexus / die during that phase if I’m unlucky enough to drag.

Also, does the safe spot on the wall for outer rotates work the same as inner rotates? Always been a bit scared to test that…

edit: I also see you like KNOWER! B) Love to see it


I don’t have a lot of tips to damage this phase, personally I only damage when I’m ranged or if there’s a decoy so it’s pretty straight forward, just shoot and dodge if shots come at you

To flee this phase there are a few things that you can do.
If you’re not being chased try to stay far enough to avoid shots and avoid being focused by him (btw fate is actually 3 separated subphases: he chases with fate shotguns, then stationary gaze shotguns, then chases again. Also if no one is near him he wont chase and just stand still).

If you’re being chased, either be faster than him by having more than 50spd or a snake eye ring/speedy or dodge his shots, but this is kinda sketchy. The way fate shotguns work is that they will go from 1 to 5 (iirc?) and start from 1 another time, and he will also predict your position so you could go to a direction before he shoots and then go the opposite way right when he shoots (example of dodging gaze shotguns)

And the last thing is to stay aware of the phases and not be close to oryx when he’s about to start fate. That implies knowing phase chains and reading oryx’ dialogue lines so you’re aware of the phase atleast a few seconds before he starts it, and you’re able to get back and not be focused

The safe spot for outer is simply staying against the wall
If you stick against the wall you’re 2 tiles away from him, he periodically throws 5 shots towards the inside of the room and 5 towards the wall, probability is that you will usually get hit once, but you can take up to 3 shots if you’re unlucky

If you want to dps this phase there are 2 ways of doing it:

First red line is circle shots that expose, second red line is the arrows that you don’t wanna go into
If you have around 75spd+ you can just run against the wall and oryx wont catch up with you, if you have betwwen ~65 and 75, you should be between and the wall and the exposed shot, so the green area, if you have 65spd or less you should stay in the blue area

After that you know where you have to be in this phase, you have to pay close attention to the pet stasis shots that may come from behind, they can be deadly



Honestly. know this is kinda dumb but how do you do suns in o2?


This is extremely useful
I wouldn’t call myself a veteran but learning these phases was also very painful, but with the guides/footage and pictures you are posting this should be helpful for a lot of people including me

thank you for yet another great resource for getting into o3



how do you commit to splendour post celestial


There’s no consistent pattern, it’s just a bunch of shots coming from all directions, the only thing here is to dodge and get healed, I’ll see if I can record one that lasts a bit
But for my part I stay at around 2.5-3 tiles and dodge, there’s no magical trick there


god damn it. I was really hoping there was one. I have done a couple of O3’s and although I’m not the best at it, I’m alright. But I’ve still never stayed in through a full sun cycle and most of the time it’s not cause I’m low but because I’m just scared. Guess I just gotta stay in and get some confidence :frowning:


It’s like rotating during Crystal Worm Child (excluding Worm Mom) phase but you have to get REALLY close and keep you eyes on the 250 AP damage sun (which if you get sat on in most unlucky situation, you will be taking 850 damage instead of just 100 AP damage from the explosion).

Seriously, sun phase’s damage needs a nerf (like reduce their damage by 20% and reduce the explosion fragment to 5).


When you want to go into a splendor post-celestial, here are the things you want to look for:

  • pattern is → ← ↓ ↑ →, just like pre exalted but with a right at the end
  • stay precisely inline with oryx, if you’re a bit off you get hit easily
  • watch out for heavens and pet stasis, if you have to tank a beam or a pet stasis do it but stay focused on dodging the sick, it happens quite frequently that you try to do both at the same time and end up taking everything and get low/die quickly
    And if there’s too much going on, don’t hesitate to disengage

Here is a clip of a clean splendor

And here is a clip of a dirty one where I disengage


Here’s a short clip of an outer rotate on 75+ spd


Only speaking up here hoping to add to Neo’s observations with what I’ve noticed (if the OP would pardon that on their personal thread; just want to help c: ).

When I’ve soloed O2 during Sun Phase, it appeared that the Sun shots were trying to target me the best they could, which provided a safe spot uncomfortably close to the Mad God. With that in mind, if the shots are all attempting to target the nearest player all over, that could explain the messy shots with little rhyme or reason. I often have to feel my way through it, but I have the easiest time staying in the rotation when everyone else is leeching, ironically.

Hopefully that observation may help some of you out? At least to have reasoning for the madness.


I have been diagnosed with Skill Issues by someone in chat, is there a cure for this condition?


Any tips for doing an o3 as a melee? have done o3 on many classes, but with the decreased range seems to make hitting o3 very difficult.


first o3 any tips



Most of the phases were designed to be accessible to both ranged and melees, you just have to be a bit more precautious on the dodging but a 3.5 range should do the work. I’d agree that having more is safer for the resets, otherwise you don’t really need the range
What are you struggling with, more exactly?


Inner Rotations for the most part. Partially gazes and fates, but I usually stay out on those phases


For the inner rotate I can advise you to do like the clip in my first post at the top
For gaze and fate I personally don’t go in unless there’s a decoy, and as a melee it would be hard to deal damage on it unless you have a 4/4.5 range sword like colo



Here’s a typical sun phase for me, kinda get sketchy