Veteran O3 player: ask me any tips


hmm interesting. I guess I’ve been staying too far away so I can run out but end up taking damage because of that


Can’t handle Miasma that well so I leech…


i mean i dont leech but ok


thats the funniest shit ive seen in a while


How do i stop sucking at this game? Realm is one of my favorite games, but i don’t really have a computer to play on, just on few ocasions i get the chance to really play it. I had this account for 8 years and i’m still a light blue star :’)
I’m not exactly bad at the game, i had a 6/8 Wizard once (farest i got in Realm), but it’s hard to evolve. Is there somekind of Saitama training routine that i can follow in a little space of time and get better at the game?


That’s probably your problem. You just have to play consistently. Especially at your stage, slowly growing your 8/8s and learning dungeons is key.


the game is about learning monsters and bosses’ pattern
also focus on dodging and don’t hesitate to nexus


Yeah, that’s probably it. I was Blue Star 'til this new update, after it my rank dropped back to Light Blue.
I’m having a little more access to a computer these days, i’ll try to get better at it.


How long did it take you to learn 03? I have attempted around 10, died 4 times, and have only gotten a single complete (super dirty run but managed to make it somehow). Kinda feeling like a trash player rn.


It took him 6 tries before getting his 1st clear.


Yeah, it took me around the same amount of tries as well. Maybe I worded it poorly, but I meant to ask how long it took before he became comfortable with the dungeon. Comfortable meaning you can run it like you would run a snake pit or sprite world.


Running it effortlessly and rarely dying in sanc took me several hundred runs for sure, probably around 400 or more I’d say
I think it’s about seeing (and learning) a lot of possible scenarios with patterns and phases and when something comes up you already know what to and what to not do


how do i find more runs without grinding in to servers like endgame


look around for realms. usmw2 is notorious for having a high chance of finding an o3 realm. either that, or join an o3 discord. I recommend gravity, no run reqs and anti-hack


how do I not get scammed by o3?


they don’t do runs that often i’m in alot of discords


tips for going for top damage?


Push in during every phases if possible.


Even by only doing osanc and dungeoneer you can do a good amount of o3s everyday as long as you have time to play


Always deal damage to o3, if you have a staff class sit on him with ep the most you can, stay in range to shoot him even on chase phases, etc…

You can check my run on wizard at the bottom of my post, I could upload a more recent one, I’ll see tonight