"Veteran" Skins


Arachna on the offical Discord recently shared an idea and I made some sprites for it!
Here they are with an explanation of this feature.
Veteran Skins would be given based on how old a RotMG account is. Basically, when you account age reaches a certain number, let’s say 4 years. You get these skins, which are aged up versions of the classes!
I had a lot of fun making these, tell me what you think!


These look sooooo cool!



Nevov… what happened to you… :sob:


For actual feedback, I love several of the skins. I even like the mystic and trickster you made better than the originals!

I would totally wear the Knight, Pally, Necro, Huntress, Mystic, Sorc, and Bard.

The ninja is the only one that looks a little awkward in my mind. Also, I love it how the priest now has more hair now that he’s older XD


knight top tier


da boomer knight skin pls deca make this a thing



“Everyone says ‘Ok Boomer,’ but nobody asks ‘Are you ok, Boomer?’”

Aye, he’s a harbored a lot of pain in his days, more of it mentally than physically… Ppebtwlelxd


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Nevov quit


I know.


It’s sad tho :cry:


I really love the detail of a low, oncoming light source with the slightly less saturated coloring, it makes it look like they are looking into a sunset and really gives that older vibe to the skins


Can we have a decrepit skin series for boomer accounts like mine?


Love them, but four years? A complete newbie ! Eight years is much better.

While I’m throwing out bad ideas they should come with stat modifications. Using one of these skins would give you +10 to Wis, -10 to Spd, +50% longer IC duration.


Erm… no offense, but I would think just to keep them without the extra stats, like the other skins. I don’t like the door that would open for the future; cosmetics with advantageous stats would mean that people would find the best, and that would be the consistent meta, regardless of good or bad looks. There’s always a few player exceptions, but I can’t think of a single game I’ve witnessed with that system integrated in where that wasn’t the case.


LOL, I did write they were bad ideas, for what I thought were obvious reasons. Thank you though for explaining the reason to me.:grin:


I like this idea, it would be an instant extra 16 skins for me!


Amazing idea. Loved all the skins. The colors. Everything. Congratz and I hope this gets on prod. <3


that sorcerer looks like it’s suffering from prolonged scepter use


yea lol