"Veteran" Skins


Poor guy has PTSD from all the O2 shotguns he has tanked in all these years. :pensive:


A better idea than dropping all of them at 4 years.

Instead every year at the anniversary of your account being created you get a token, and you can use that to buy one of the skins. So after two years you can have two, four years four etc. This stops it being just a dump of all 16, and lets people get the ones they want over time. If that’s too slow then give people two tokens every year, or 1 then 2 then 3 then 4, …

The nice thing about this is it makes your anniversary of starting playing special, recognised in a small way. Like e.g. cake day on Reddit it’s a meaningless date which is given meaning through being recognised.


Yikes, I did miss that this time! Sorry, Skandling. I am used to people praising that concept elsewhere, so I was brash.


remember when people would just realm and not spend their entire day running like 95 voids… brings back memories…


If someone does 95 voids in a day I have no respect for them


How so? They tryhard?


All they do is raid, they don’t play the game, they do the same mindless thing over and over for a meaningless reward like some sort zombie or gacha-game fan or something worse


Ah I get it.


honestly, discords arent really ruining the game, they just make it so you dont have to spend ages farming a sentry just to do an lh with 5 blu stars.


(also some rls are really nice, and let you do pretty much anything in their runs)


The only reason you would have to do this for a realm one in the first place is because of discords

LH is nowhere as “impossible without raiding discords” as much of this community makes it out to be, most people just suck because they’ve been babied by said discords


mbc is to scary for a yellow star (forums need to update) like me, and thats a fact


log in and out


I nearly completed mbc on 0/8 wizard with no priests and like 8 other people and that was my first attempt, I don’t see why people think he’s so intimidating, he’s dangerous, but if you keep a level head and are always moving, he’s manageable.


ive never tried it, mostly due to lag, and it still scares me from that one time I did it with sebchoof on a stream. got instad by a tentacle.


Oh that’s fair


also, on testing ive soloed mbc, but it felt too easy compared to pod any idea y?


For me I suck at soloing MBC too but it does not stop me from trying again.


That’s different than like a 10 person group or so.


Sorta and they just have no fricking life