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I’m recording my LH rushes to try to become better. I use the built in Windows 10 screen recording software to record, but my videos are too long to send anywhere. Does anyone know of a website where I can either shrink the file size or upload and share the link?
My videos are 200+ mb so I can’t use Imgur


You can edit for free with VSDC Video Editor.


LMAO not the best video quality, but I guess that because I compressed an 8 minute video into 8mb


OBS usually works. It’s free, too:


You could use a video editor like mentioned above. Since I prefer quick methods and I’m lazy, here’s what I do. (I’m a Mac user, but it should work on Windows as well.)

  1. First step, get FFmpeg (works on Mac, Windows, and Linux). It’s safe, a ton of people use it, and it’s really easy to use. But most importantly, this process will not work without it. Installment tutorial is here.

  2. Hop on to a code editor. I’ll be using Sublime Text (super useful code editor, works on Windows). Now type in something like below. Don’t worry about the “echo” stuff – those are just error messages that I designed so that I know what to do when I make a mistake. They’re completely optional.

In the “trunc(oh*a/2)*2:720” part, replace the 720 with whatever resolution you want to reduce the video to. 360, 480, it doesn’t matter. Just remember that the number represents the height resolution, not the length resolution.

  1. Save the code. Name it whatever you want, but I put mine as “”. Alright, now place it into a simple folder – I put mine in a folder named “bin”.

  2. Now, whenever you need to compress a video, go to your command prompt application. I’m using an iMac, so I’ll be using Terminal. If you use Windows, you will be using either Command Prompt or Windows Terminal. Once you load in, type the following:

For this demo, my video name is “”, and the folder location is “Documents”.
For obvious reasons, personal names and such are blotted out with red. The yellow underlines the command.

Anyways, after you type it out and hit Enter, everything else is completely automatic.

Click the image for full view if the screenshot’s blurry.

Note that my test video is only a few seconds long. Yours will probably take way longer reduce.

Then, at the end, it should say, “File saved to [video_location]/[].”
You’re done!

And yup, that’s right. From now on, any time you wanna shrink a video, you can use just that one command line. Super efficient, but if you’re not planning on doing this a lot, just use a video editor.

Since FFmpeg has a download version for Windows, the process should be very similar if not identical.


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