Visual Indicator for Proc Cooldowns


Quality of life idea: Visual indicator for proc (short for procedure [?]) cooldown.

Realm of the Mad God has changed a lot since this idea was implemented perfectly. One notable change in particular was the introduction of secondary functions for equipment, also known as “proc.” For example, the Water Dragon Silk Robe heals the player whenever they use their ability. Some armors give invincibility, some rings reduce mana cost or apply speedy, and much more. What all of these items have in common is a cooldown, somewhere between 3 seconds and 240 seconds for each equipment. This is implemented in order to prevent spamming of the procs.

I think it would be nice if there was some sort of visual (or aural) indicator that shows the player if their proc is ready to use. There is already a visual indicator on abilities that have a cooldown. I think this effect can have an overlay, some sort of progress bar under the sprite that gradually fills up. Or, there could just be text above the player’s head that reads “Ready to use!” whenever a proc is available again.

I think this idea is useful because some people rely on their procs for their set to work.

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It’s an excellent idea but I can’t see how you’d do it in the game as it now is without making the game worse, visually, with more clutter.

Right now there’s one such indicator, for your main ability, where there’s a cooldown. And even that is ugly and hard to read, at least to me. Ugly as it gets in the way of the crude but characterful item graphics with an effect that doesn’t really fit. And the rotary effect is hard to read unless you concentrate on it, which is hard when you are using your ability while fighting enemies.

Adding them for other items in a similar way would be even worse. And that’s before you even consider how to deal with more complex cases such as items with multiple cooldowns, cooldowns from a set, not just one item, or from potions + from other players abilities.

I hope they do consider this though, and at the same time overhaul the existing ability cooldown. If they come up with a better design for that it might be something that could be expanded to other cooldowns.


With that said, this is why having the option to turn things like that on and off is a wonderful thing. Either side can have their way!


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