Void Oryx (by SirPoogle and Sonhud)


I posted this idea on the subreddit and ideas discord a bit ago, but realized I forgot to post it here. Here’s the link to the original ‘Void Oryx Manifesto’ https://docs.google.com/document/d/1B_aagcsUn4_OzZNg678vVByJN56QZs0ous8PRT1X8qA/edit?usp=sharing
And here are all the sprite assets, as well as other insight on this idea to explore in tandem with the original document. This includes initial item designs before I lost access, animated demos, and further insight. https://imgur.com/a/0lDJGww

The original document is so massive, it is quite difficult to embed the entire thing in 1 forum post, so just check out the doc link for 45k characters including a breakdown of the entire fight, unique items and loot distribution mechanics, lore, the history of the idea itself, my history with the rotmg community and more.

Here’s the sprite sheet for Void Oryx as a preview.

Void Oryx Animation
Void Oryx Idea Item Drops

Small question, but why does Void Oryx transform into a light being mid-fight? It sounds like something that would happen if Oryx was possessed by a Daeva. The darkness theme is kept mostly consistent except for that one specific form.

My own addition to this, but I think a lot about an Oryx possessed by both the Daeva and the Void, called Daevoid Oryx, with the Void of course wanting destruction and the Daeva trying to possess Oryx before the Void Entity can so that it can keep the Void from possessing another vessel with so much power. The Daeva would fight the realmers because they’re trying to stop them, using the “greater good” argument.

also if this were actually added people would definitely call it “VOryx”


It was initially planned that the Daeva would be part of it too. I wanted to make a consumable item called “Vial of Condensed Light” that drops from the Forgotten Queen in hardmode shatts, that you would then combine with the vial of darkness to create the “Duality Concoction.” You would then use this on Oryx’s helmet to summon the dungeon, allowing the Daeva to take part.

I decided against it so that players would be able to participate more easily/consistently, but the Daeva influence remained. I figured Oryx was considered a zealot of light in a sense, considering the whole motif of Oryx 3’s second form, though the Daeva definitely fits the bill better.

Also the name Voryx is funny to me lol


Forgot to post the reddit post: https://www.reddit.com/r/RotMG/comments/yqbwte/void_oryx_idea/ Some other people had some cool ideas in the comments.


Made shinies of some of the Void Oryx drops


it’s actually really nice to see a proper content idea in these forums, i had begun to lost hope that the only things that would ever show up in this forum would be shiny resprites or “my ideas for rebalancing UTs”.

the concept seems like a meme at first, but a proper dive into the document reveals the depth of work put into this idea. overall i’m quite impressed! the spritework is good and while it’s not quite at the level of some of the current/past rotmg artists, it’s definitely very serviceable and I could see something like a more self-respecting pserver use these sprites as-is. i kinda wish these animations were gifs because it’d wouldn’t be a lot of work and would make people appreciate the spritework a lot more.

the theme and dialogue can be VERY campy, and while I’m a huge sucker for campy emotional things in this game I do think this dials it a bit far for my tastes. I also think that the JSON part feels very shoehorned in and probably lost a bit of my immersion in the (very campy) ending sequence.

patterns are Dungeon Document Good:tm: in that they aren’t comedically unusable but lack any form of real depth and would be pretty lame if tested in game which is not really a fault of the efforts of the designers here but rather just that You Can’t Describe Shmup Patterns in Plain English. Still, this tends to be on the higher end of quality of pattern ideas from what I’ve seen from a lot of suggested content, so I still think that deserves praise.

The mechanic of a solely-survival boss fight with only DPS-based scoring is not a pattern that should propagate to too many bosses but it’s something I have wanted to try with some kind of boss and I think it can be a great tool for achieving a very specific kind of gamefeel. It is a little naive to assume that this won’t create other issues, for instance a 100% consistent phase is not less safespottable than a randomized phase, it is more. Even if there isn’t necessarily a space where you can stand still for the entire phase, you can still boil down the player motions to an unchanging sequence of motions (that a hacker could potentially script!) and just memorizing that sequence rather than reading/responding to the individual pattern elements.

overall I really like this! it’s a breath of fresh air from what this idea section has turned into and i really appreciate the effort that went into it.


Thanks, much appreciated!

I actually used to plan out a lot of the shot patterns using Haizor before it shut down, so I wasn’t able to properly explain/show how a lot of them would have worked. My main idea to counter to safespotting would be to add targeting on the portals, or Moonlight Village-style telegraphed bullet patterns coming from off the arena. The thing boss scripts or consistent dodging patterns fail to account for is the targeting of other players, which in-of themselves are incalculably complex much like RNG, whilst technically still being consistent.

I certainly agree on the criticisms. The Score system was planned to be unique to only this or other similarly built dungeons to be one continuous and consistent battle, and honestly I couldn’t imagine it working for any other dungeon. It’s a bit campy towards the end, which in all honesty, was me having a bit of fun when nearing the document’s completion. I figured a bit of meta goofiness a-la The Machine would make the ending a bit more fun, but it’s very valid to not like it nonetheless.

edit: Forgot to add, there’s an animated demo of all the animations in the Imgur album. It’s a bit out of date, and doesn’t account for RotMG’s frame rate and frame lengths, but it does showcase a lot of the animation work.


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