Vying (?) Event


So, I discovered that I missed out on the whole banner or boon or whatever the recent event was cuz of school and whatnot. Anyways, I was just curious if anyone knows if there’s a way I can still participate in the Chaos vs Daeva skin competition thing considering that the tinkerer no long offers the choice between boons quest (the whole “Chaos vs Daeva” thing quest). Anyone know if the “Gift of the Void” or “Gift of the Daeva” has a chance to gift the boons? Or if there are any other alternatives that could gift a boon?

i really just want some of the skins from this antimony event ;(


As far as I’m concerned, the banner event was more of a community poll to see what kind of free pack everyone will recieve (which shouldn’t exclude players who didn’t participate in the Chaos/Daeva tinkerer quest) if I’m understanding this correctly, so you should be all good except for the pet skin which requires the banner and a few of special drop from the pre-MotMG event (Token of Strife).


To my knowledge the banners are preparation for motmg and for now are used for getting the pet.
The skin is just gift from the winning side of the community on choosing which side they represent. So to your question if gifts are gonna have chance to drop boon is probably now.


Oh awesome, thank you so much!


Got it, thanks man!


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