Wait a minute... This is illegal [dungeon event ended early in USS]


This is all part of Deca’s master plan, to make us waste our keys…
USSouth kind of broken because event is not on but event is still going on USMW2.
Edit: Deca’s please tell me this is a joke because you want people not stacking up to 200+ players in USSouth.


I think DECA just scammed your privilege of having a event bonus based on area in America. Quite discriminant for those Texans. tips my cowboy hat empathetically


Fun fact: USS is not in the US.

Somewhere in south america, if I’m not mistaken.


USEast is also facing similar issues. In both USSouth and USEast popping reefs/shaits in the nexus or bazaar will not spawn the event chest after the boss dies, but it works properly inside a realm. On all other servers so far, it works fine even in nexus and bazaar.

I don’t know if it’s related, but some people are also getting “Internal XML Error” on those servers.

I also don’t know if Deca is aware of this bug yet…


Trading is also disabled, along with no items for sale in the nexus and bazzars.


Issue is fixed according to reddit:


Could it be a conspiracy?
DECA sees the two most popular servers that pop a lot of keys (both were crowded/full) and so skeet yeet deleted the event on those servers.

illuminati theme song plays

Sorry, I haven’t made a post this low-effort in a while.


I actually agree, Deca did this on purpose.
IQ 10,000


But removing the event doesn’t even benefit Deca


but its weird to see 2 popular servers with event turned off, it could’ve just been a oopsie doopsie or Deca just did a gottemimage


read in the voice of Morgan Freeman

I trust they have their reasons, son,


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