Wakizashi of Eastern Winds


What does the waki even do? Is it good? How does it work? Can someone upload a gameplay or showcase of it?




A few searches on the wiki and YouTube will answer your questions.


From what I’ve read in terms of stats, it’s also ridiculously good to the point of basically outclassing the tiered Wakis.
Its downsides are pretty negligible - the shots come from the right, which isn’t even a “downside” in the first place; it deals less damage per shot, but if all shots land, it can still stand up to the Royal Waki; and it has a slight amplitude for its shots.
On the other hand, its upsides are much more pronounced: it has a longer cast range, longer Exposed duration, and provides some neat stat buffs.

To be fair, I’ll have to eventually get one and use it for myself to form a definitive opinion.

For future reference, always consult the wiki before the forums. You’ll find most of your questions answered there.


Best all-rounder Waki in the game, if only because Samurai is starved for Spd and Dex.

The only time I switch it out is if I want more single-target damage, then Shaitan UT is better.


example of the shot pattern


but thats way harder with estern winds since the shots are like 2.5 times further apart and that makes the waki pretty useless imo


Just to clarify: I read the Realmeye before posting and I still didn’t understand.


That might be a personal thing, but for me there are two reasons why that’s irrelevant:

-the glitch that prevents you from instakilling enemies (they’ll stay at 0 Hp and require one final hit to die);

-the DC that inevitably ends up happening when I use my ability too often.

I just need the Waki to do a burst of damage every once in a while because I can’t use it to kill stuff by itself or as a reliable source of DPS.


I use it as default waki due to it having IMO the best passive stats and I like how with the shots being quite wide-spaced I feel like I can be a bit lazier with the aiming and still get an exposed.


Its a nice swapout that makes landing exposed a bit easier. The extra speed is good for rushing and the extra dex adds some nice dps. However, the Wakizashi of Crossing Fires (from Shaitan) offers more dps overall (with more damage than a t6 waki and adding on +4? attack)
Also note that (as I like to call it) its a right-handed wakizashi, meaning the shots come from the right side of casting. The t6 is a left-handed wakizashi, so the shots come from the left side. Both of those are somewhat irrelevant, but casting in dungeon hallways may become difficult depending on your position.


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