Wand of Geb buff


Wand of Geb needs a buff I always thought that the rarity of the wepon was to make it balanced,but it’s too weak, who agrees

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Though it might not be a bad idea for #game-discussion.

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The problem is the rest of the set is too powerful and the initial idea was to make it more balanced so that if you wanted set bonuses, you would need the whole set. However now, with partial set bonuses, wand is worth nothing. Too balance though, they would have to rework whole set or too strong


Not really, just decrease the bonuses given and slightly adjust the wand to make it viable.


But then it’s not really an st set. Purpose of st set is to obtain as much of the set as possible for the set bonus. Low bonus equals no point of running the set at all…

Plus, the set is already busted. Shendyt is quite powerful, geb’s tome is a purchasable puri and the ring is a buffed ubwis with extra stats.


actually, i would totally be fine with a wand of geb buff. the damage and frequency of the shots makes it nonviable, i would like it more if they decreased the frequency


Now they’ve made the sb limit so low for everything, it probably is more viable than ever to use now, (as long as you’re in a group and not trying to solo, so you rely on the other people to supply the DPS and you supply the purifications), which is kinda weirdly accidentally how Realm is supposed to work with the co-op.

The whole set is oddly themed anyway, Geb is supposedly the attacking force in tomb, Nut the healer, Bes the defender, yet none of the Geb items are attack-minded, it would fit a lot better being a Nut set, though the graphix are lovely. And there was that whole thing with the Wand of Geb originally being named Sceptre of Geb, overall Kabam really goofed on the ‘workings’ side of the set. I’d go radical and resprite the whole set onto Nut and make a new Geb set for the item sprites that would raise priest’s atk power at the expense of heal, so when you press space you go into rage. Priest smash!


Perhaps swap the Tome’s stats with the beta dexterity-boosting Tome? Was that the Library’s one…? In which case, it may warrant a slight nerf…

The Shendyt could fit well in the Mercy’s Bane and…the Ninja ST Armor’s name…stuff. Extremely low defense, notoriously high DPS boosts.
The ring just needs a wis nerf to 6 or so.

The Wand definitely needs some greatly redeeming factors if the non-pierce is being kept. Damage and fire rate increase, maybe?


yeah but then we get two incredibly similar tomes in two low level dungeons which are both UT whites