Wandering priest bot


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There’s a new bot which has been active on EU West for a few days. It’s always a priest, it spends all the time running around the inner ring road, relying on speed to avoid most shots, nexusing and then walking back to the road if its HP drops too low, or if the server restarts.

No idea what its purpose is. It could be fame training, though for what purpose – the accounts are new, have no other chars, no pets. Testing out bot navigation code? So players can TP to them?

Each time I see one the account seems different, with a randomish name. Not sure they are there all the time, but they are when I look. Much easier to see, and much more obvious, when the server is quiet.

Possible fame/star/pet farming bots in realms
Realm bots?
Possible fame/star/pet farming bots in realms

! Beware cland bots !


And not just EUW, I’ve seen a bot like this in many servers/realms.
Could be a notifier eyeball, could be low intensity fame farming to be later RWTd, some of the names look like shop bots, like VitToWisgP.
Edit: having seen the train has also had a resurgence recently, using bots posted around godlands, perhaps the same botter uses these priests to learn which maps there are. I don’t know if these bots and the train bots overlap.
Only thing I could suggest is record/report and see if Deca wishes to ban.

I think #community-hub works, since it’s about what some particular player is doing.


One got stuck in Realm a short time ago. Seems all it takes to stop them is a Forbidden Jungle building with a corner that sticks out onto the road. I’ve seen one navigate around such buildings by following the wall when walking to the road, but that must be turned off for the road.

Also Nevov, I and others tried dragging onto it, without success. It used a Recomp to kill anything that got close, healing once at about half health. If all else fails it can Nexus, which I assume it does when it walks into real trouble (I only saw the aftermath of this, seeing one vanish then walk back in from the edge).


Watch it just be a real dude that doesn’t know how to play the game


Something about the way you describe the bot makes him seem very cute.


This is probably a bot for the Cartographer fame bonus. I’ve seen this before.


Could be. Not that these particular chars are training, as they are doing nothing to get other bonuses – they are so new that they are unlikely to have gotten easier to get bonuses, and are not sticking around either as the account names are different each time I notice them.

Could be testing a feature to be added to a bot for fame training. I don’t fame train but when I’ve been in a Realm with a train I hear lots of complaints about bots, which are presumably just following players in the train, the same behaviour used by multiboxers. This could be a new behaviour, for Cartographer/Explorer fame bonuses and perhaps other uses.


You wouldn’t be continuing to uncover tiles after the first circuit around, and they don’t leave the realm unless compelled to, (also the inner road is the shortest), so I doubt it will be primarily seeking bonuses relating to tiles/maps, though always possible these accumulate as a side effect of them being permanently online.


If they can make this, they can also make a new kind of bot fametrain that does the same thing but in a group through godlands.

It’d be pretty easy to just program a path for it to take through godlands and then just having a bunch of autofire famebots following this pathing bot.


Yes. Also saw something in the last week that might be related, when a fame train visited EU west. They had a bunch of static chars or bots, arranged around godlands, evenly spaced in I think an octagonal arrangement.

Not sure what they were for. They could be for players to tp to, but teleporting into the fame train directly is quicker and generally safe. They could be for the fametrain to follow, but it did not seem to come close and anyway with human operators it can use the layout of godlands easily.

But static bots could be used with a pathfinding bot, to run an automatic fame train. I can’t see the point of this, but I can’t see the point of fame trains. If players want to automate how they gain fame perhaps having it fully run by bots, so even more automatic, would be better for them.


They r called ‘idlers’.
They force the god spawns directly into the way of the train, resulting in ~35+ fpm trains


Every time the idler train has crashed into the realm I’ve been in, these idlers have been utilising autofire/autoaim cheat, so I think bot would be the right term for them. Probably to ensure the setter-up doesn’t have to repeat their effort and the bots can sit there in safety.


Yeah, they all share the traits u mentioned, so they are bots. I was more explaining what they were used for


i have been in some servers like AE, aus and ASE and i have seen a priest running on the footpath thingy (idk what is it called) and it seems like a bot. It is always a blue star and it kills any enemy it sees in its way. Is this a problem? (sorry i have bad english)


Thus sounds like the begining of the end xd


he’s minding his own business :triumph:

Road bots

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I just got back after a year and I don’t know if everyone already knows this and I’m just late to the party but who knows, maybe they’re new.

So I noticed every now and then that in a tiny realm there’ll be a level 20 bluestar at midlands with a speed ring, and at first that might not seem very suspicious at first, but they only go on the roads of the realm forever and ever and ever.


Now you’ll probably be thinking to yourself, “Midlands op fame farming strat? theres no way these are fame bots” like I did, but apparently its PRETTY effective

(That’s like more fame than I have on any characters)
And slowly but surely, these guys make a constant fame gain of about 9000 fame per month passively (And yes I got like 3500 fame within 4 days of returning with 5 hours of extreme gaming a day and only 2 lh’s, but that’s still a lot for bots that you can make infinite of and reap the profits of afterwards with a non bannable technique).

I just hope this hasn’t been going on for like 6 months and is as obvious as me pointing out that there are spambots in nexus

At this point, DECA perma banning all hackers would kill the game

Since that thread is closed, I guess I’ll put my reply here (maybe will be merged into it?).

I have already reported these bots to Deca through a support ticket. I provided extensive information regarding the bots, including as many usernames/accounts I could find that I suspected of botting in this manner. I did take screenshots of what I sent in for my ticket, and if you want to see what exactly I sent in then feel free to ask me.

The fame decrease in one of OP’s screenshots for the bot is likely because of my ticket, I got a response from support at around that time. From what I can gather, the fame of the bots was reset. Nothing else changed. They clearly were not banned, even temporarily, because right afterwards they just get back at it. They didn’t even get all the bots because when I took a look at one of the guilds that a lot of the bots were in, there was still like 1 lone, obviously a bot, account that didn’t have its fame lowered or reset at all. I literally linked this guild’s name/Realmeye page in my ticket and said it was a guild filled with these bots.
I’m not even sure if it was a legitimate reset, because the account fame of these bots seems really high, and they generally won’t naturally die because to absolutely no one’s surprise these bots can autonexus from danger.

And guess what, the fame eventually gets back up to the levels it was at previously because an automated process (a bot) wasn’t even attempted to be stopped. It’ll keep doing the same things it was doing previously, and just like before, over time the numbers accumulate. Resetting fame isn’t even a good band-aid fix.

It’s actively harmful to the health of the game to keep these bots up. It makes Realmeye leaderboards less meaningful for both top characters and top guilds (if they have one of these bots in them). It makes it harder for legitimate players to get on those leaderboards. Guild fame has actual in-game effects (and look at these bots’ account fame). If what I’ve heard about them being notifier bots is true, then they’re literally part of ToS-violating actions, and I think the effects of notifiers on the game and community are fairly visible.

The only “good” features of keeping these bots up are that you can tp closer to godlands easier if you’re in a dead realm and no one else is close enough to godlands. Violates the ToS either way.

So yeah I’m pretty salty about the lack of action regarding this.