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Hello, it’s another topic from me.

I’m kind of new to warrior and I need some tips on what I should get rid of in my inventory.
I’m the type of person that doesn’t like having many swap outs and a crammed inventory/backpack.

For my weapons, I currently have a cutlass, illumination, acclaim and a pixie. I’m going to farm for the reskin ass/regular ass and a csword so I’m also going to include those swords.

What could I get rid of?
If I use pixie, do I even need illumination?
If I get ass, do I even need acclaim or csword?
Should I even keep cutlass if I have an ass?

For the helm, I only really use ggen and hopefully a jugg from this event so that doesn’t really matter

For the armor, I only have an acrop QQ but I’m hoping for the new armor soon. This is a little bit obvious, but I’m probably going to only use the new armor since it’s just -3 def but it adds that invulnerability when being below 75 hp. So this also doesn’t really matter either.
Edit: Should I buy a fairy plate? Extra hp would be nice. But it lost its st bonus which really sucks

Finally for the ring, I have a deca and a pyra. crown when
Should I just use a deca since warrior doesn’t really need any more dps or def? Or would that def help make up that lost defense from the matrix armor?

Ty in advance


Honestly pixie or dblade, they both do the same job but I believe pixie does a little more dps then dblade. I would just rock pixie on war cause thats just nasty dps in general. And ass I would just replace the csword cause your only losing .5 range and ass does more damage then csword. Why would you even need a cutlass in any situation when acclaim already out damages it. Dont clog your inv with random swapouts. For armor, dont buy fplate cause a war doesnt need those additional stats, you should grind for mercy banes or fire armor because they both boast a lot of offense stats. Fplate is great on knight tho. Just use pyra for the extra att, the def and hp is a nice bonus. I mean, if you want to flex then I guess just keep all those swap out.


I would use the pixie and the ass as a swap out (when you get it). Dont get the Fplate (like @ChaosgameX said, its good for the knight) Acrop will work good for you now but try to get the Fire Dragon Battle Armor eventually. I would personally use the Deca ring until you can eventually get a crown on your Warr.


Pixie, cutlass, and ass if you want. Ggen, try to also get a bee helm, use acrop or pixie plate, then use deca if pixie plate, maybe pyra if acrop.


Unless they recently nerfed cutlass back to what is was I’m almost positive cutlass outdamages acclaim until high def


Yeah, cutlass is a DPS sword that sacrifices a little bit of range and def (being a short sword)

I may or may not have done this for 1000 hp and aesthetics


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