Wavecrest Concertina AoE


Hello, not sure if this is really an issue so wouldn’t mind if this gets taken down but I’ve been encountering some issues after using Wavecrest Concertina. Namely:

  • Parrot not dealing damage to enemy despite being on top of them for a long duration.
  • Parrot damage procing only if its directly on top of the enemy or runs into enemy (not sure if its just an extremely small AoE but even if the parrot touches the enemy continuously it seems to not deal damage unless it collides with it)
  • No way to toggle visuals for parrot explosion (I’ve tried a bit in the options menu but can’t seem to toggle the AoE visual indicator for how large the parrot radius is, not sure if this is just a change or not).


I’ll go test this out. I own a Concertina that I use as my bard’s current primary lute, so if it’s bugged to do far less damage than usual, I may want to pause using that class.


The AoE visual was removed not too long after Concertina was released due to visual clutter. It should still be 2 sqrs, though. I’ll test it myself as well.


Dang the visual indicator woulda been really helpful for figuring out how big the AoE is, maybe like the circumference of the would be what the bird circles around? But thats already kind of a suggestion and I just want to discuss if this is just me or its a bug.

Most of the issues I’ve encountered where when I was throwing the parrots to finish off enemies then turning around or moving so they (the parrots) wouldn’t be on screen anymore. This was mainly due to wanting to fight other threats given I know those enemies would die to the parrot. However their health didn’t really change, like the parrots only dealt damage if they were visible on my screen or smtg.

The parrots circling around my character was also found to be rather inconsistent as well but couldn’t pin down the specific instances where this happened. Maybe the AoE is just smaller than I think it is? there were many instances in combat where the parrots circling me, despite being in essentially melee range and the parrots touching the enemies, were not dealing any damage.


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