Way to differentiate crafted from dropped items


Not a lot to say. I just would love to see a small line of text, in a different color or font, saying either “crafted” or “acquired” in the description of UT items so I have an incentive to hunt items again.

I’ve been avoiding some dungeons like cems and udls because I already have the blueprints and marks and I no longer see a point in hunting for the fabled dbow when it’s so cheap to craft. I think making crafted and found items easily distinguishable would add a lot of value to “low tier” white bag drops again and make other players want to collect “acquired” items as well.

I just see it as an easily implemented change that would make the game a lot funner for me, and quite possibly other players as well.

And, who knows, it could open up the possibility of other changes later with UT trading possibly on the horizon. For example acquired items could remain soulbound, but that’s a topic for another day


one minor suggestion. the text saying “Crafted” should instead become “Forged”


hell yeah then i can flex my acquired REAL crown from shatters


What you haven’t forged all your crowns into craniums ?!?!


coro is better because i dodge


Coro is better on range classes yes but on melees cranium is the most superior ring in the game by far
Also if you actually want to get top dmg/not leech then you will be forced to get hit every 5 seconds anyway~


Actually not that easy. The game’s internal representation for each item is a number, a 16 bit number. And there are only so many of those to go around. They keep having to re-use IDs of old items, with at times entertaining results.

There are two ways to do what you suggest. Give every crafted item a separate ID. The problem with that is they clearly have problems juggling IDs already, so having each current and future UT need 2 IDs is going to be somewhere between hard and impossible.

Or add additional storage for each item to indicate it was crafted. That though would increase the amount of storage per player, and so the cost of running the servers, as well as to a lesser extent network bandwidth.

The good thing about it is it would open up possibilties for flagging items in other ways. E.g. bought items, items gotten from chests, items from campaigns. The tact that they’ve not already done this suggests it’s not a high priority though.


Maybe it would be too difficult/unrealizable for already existing items, but making this change for the future only is a just a new field in database


There is a large cost for this though. The current ‘database’ of items for each player is a list of 16 bit numbers, i.e. it needs 2 bytes per item. I know this as it’s what Muledump uses and I’ve poked around in its code and data.

So ‘a new field in the database’ means at least another byte per item. Quite probably 2 bytes as for alignment reasons it’s simpler to keep everything the same size. Basically doubling the storage needed per item,

You can’t do it just for new items, as you can’t have two different storage schemes for old and new items, especially as players can (and some will) fill their inventory/vault with either types. So everywhere in the game you would need the extra storage.

I can imagine them deciding to do this. The current system is very limiting and leads to all sorts of problems. In particular the small number of IDs available means they keep having to delete old ones to free up new ones, and when that goes wrong it can lead to items leaking early, or simply broken unusable items. But it won’t be just for tagging items as crafted, it will be part of a much larger overhaul.


In that case they will have to overhaul the system anyway with the introduction of enchantments this MotMG.


Oh hey good point. Fingers crossed it opens up the possibility of tagging items as forged or dropped


Exactly this. Sure you should be dodging if you are playing a class with the ability to dump mana into damage since going into combat will greatly lower your MP regen, but on warrior or pally you aren’t missing out on DPS when you get it. You should be pushing in deep and tanking shots when everybody else would back out


We will see. Until we see the detail of how Enchantment works it’s hard to say. If they really need to overhaul the item handling for Enchantments I would not be surprised if it’s delayed until after MotMG.


I honestly don’t see the point of this outside of just another way for people to be elitist about items (already an annoying issue)


Flexing items and liking your collection to have value are 2 different things. I had a lot of fun collecting shaitans skulls during an event. Those skulls are nothing to sneeze at now and it’s just sad to see my favorite part of this game go down the drain

Quick edit: Basically every item that deca deems equal are not equal. Shaitans skulls are on par with other whites that they really have no right being equal to. They went from one of the rarest (For clarity I mean rarest by amount and not drop rate) items to dirt tier. It’s sad to see items lose prestige that they used to hold just because deca decided their value with code


But if your collection is just for you, and not to flex on other people, then why would you need the Forge tier? You already know that you didn’t craft them…


That’s assuming the only 2 reasons to have a collections is for self satisfaction or flexing. Having a meaningful and valuable collection can be a lot of things, including just a conversation starter in your group of friends. Nobody is gonna ask me how I have 9 shaitans skulls if it’s as easy to craft as every other white now. And besides, if people enjoy flexing imaginary wealth and it makes the game fun for them, I don’t see how that could bother you enough to take that aspect of the game away from them.


Honestly I think that it’s weirder/more of a conversation starter to find someone who has crafted 9 shaitan skulls. Normally if someone has that amount I just assume they sat in a shaits chain Discord during an event for a while. And I never said anything about “taking away” from peoples enjoyment either, if anything your forge tier suggestion takes away from peoples enjoyment more so because it instantly devalues any items they’ve forged for their collection. Forge tier or some indicator of forged items is a bad and pointless idea


I disagree. I would love for this change to happen and, clearly, you would not. I’mma just leave it at I disagree with you and I hope enough people agree with me to bring an enjoyable (for me) change to the game.


Can’t they rework the current ID system into something like hexadecimal?