Way to differentiate crafted from dropped items


No. 16 bits is 16 bits. It’s 0 to 65535 in decimal, 0x000 to 0xffff in hexadecimal. But they are just two different ways of wrting the same values.


OK, seeing how Dungeon Mod keys work, they’re clearly doing something which involves extra information attached to objects. In this case keys but keys are just objects like everything else. If they can add info to keys they could add it to gear. I guess enchantments will work in a similar way, a limited set of enhancements, so perhaps use the same underlying mechanism to keys.

It also highlights the complexity of it. Currently modded keys don’t work in the vault, about the only place you can pop a key and be sure no-one else can see you doing it. And gear is more complex than keys, in that it can be worn and in most cases traded. But it definitely looks like they’re finally overhauling how objects work.


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