We Team Now


Welcome to the Team

Behold, a congregation of chiseled chins, burley physique, and thicc mommy thighs. A stronghold of the casual elite, where we embrace the moral code of jolly co-operation. Welcome to the team, because we are now, and therefore we are team. Now is the time of We, for the calling of Team is upon you.

We team now, Not later.

We generally meet up to run Keys and farm STs on USWest4, USWest, and USEast.

Discord is available but not required. Come get strong together.


-Be active and non-toxic. Dying sucks, and you have friends here to help you.

How to apply:

Message any officer in-game for an invite, or reply here and we can meet up in-game. (Falazen, MainKnight, Scrummy)

You can also contact me directly on Discord at Falazen#7139