Weapon Idea: Gun, along with class idea: Pirate


So I was looking at the game, and I was thinking, it would be interesting to have a gun class. Like, straight outta the blue. After all, we have pirates in this game! And we could go on and on about how, Oh it’s a gun, and it doesn’t fit with the medieval theme of rotmg, but then again we have a dungeon where the boss is literally a high tech mad scientist, and the troom boss of The Nest has a computer(let’s forget that they’re the same person).

So here it is, my weapon idea called the Gun!

I am aware that this has been suggested before, but I think you’ll find my idea to be way different.

So each weapon, regardless of stats, has a unique perk.

Bows: Change shot # the higher you go up.
Staves: Shoot two shots at once.
Dagger: Obsidian.
Katanas: Have high differences between tiers.
Wands: Piercing, but with the highest range.
Swords: Melee, yet oddly among the most popular classes.

Here’s the unique perk of Guns: They have to be reloaded. Yes. By either assigning a hotkey, or a simple flick of the scroll wheel, you’ll “reload” your weapon. Each Gun has a specific amount of ammo. The tiered ones start out with 6 ammo at 1-6, then increase to 9 at 7-13. So, why the hell would you ever use a gun over literally any other alternative?!

Guns can pierce and have high damage. They have longer range than katanas(although slightly less than daggers), but have nearly twice the damage output of the Dagger. They’re highly accurate but come at a cost of a lower rate of fire; 70%, to be exact. As a result, most classes that would hypothetically use the Gun have a low rate of fire.

This is still a WIP!


Pls no reload mechanic, if that logic existed then you would have to reload arrows into your bow.


In most games, R is the default hotkey for reload.

In rotmg, R is the nexus hotkey

Uh oh


Just unbind your nexus key ezpz


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holy shit ur a genius


Instead of pointing out what makes it terrible, which is a lot, I’ll instead work with you here.

Let’s look at all of the weapon types in particular from their best points: Tier 8 to Tier 13.


  • 2 Shots that wave around in a helix formation that are slightly tricky to hit, but not impossible.
  • Moderate damage if both shots hit, usually accompanied by high Dexterity. Used with a magic focus, but can work without it just fine.
  • 8.55 range, making it great for ranged aggression.


  • One shot that pierces enemies, very helpful for groups.
  • Better damage than staves, but only one shot, and accompanied with only Moderate to Above Moderate Dexterity and usually a heavy magic focus.
  • 9 range. The best option for any range and all range, even if its damage isn’t the best.


  • 3 shots that are close together and usually can hit all targets fairly easily, combined with pierce. Great for up close and long range use.
  • Lowest damage of all weapon types, but mixed with 3 shots, it can add up very easily. Accompanied with high Attack for deadlier shots and abilities to make targets easier to hit.
  • 7.04 range, which is in the upper middle for all ranged. Hitting far targets is easy, but not outstanding.


  • 1 shot and no special properties. Easy to use and get hits with.
  • A bit more damage than wands deal. Usually accompanied with very high Dexterity and even some nice Attack sometimes, making hitting more shots easy and reliable.
  • 5.6 range, which is the lower middle in the rankings, but still fairly easy to hit with if you can pull it off.


  • 1 shot with the ability to pierce. A very helpful tool for dealing with crowds that are weaker or easier to hit.
  • Damage that is higher than Daggers, which makes killing enemies quite easy combined with pierce. Paired with abilities that deal lots of damage and very high Attack for maximum hit power.
  • 4.75 range. It certainly isn’t the best, but can be managed by those who are willing to take slightly more risk than most other classes.


  • 1 shot and no special effects. Easy to use and get hits with.
  • The highest damage of all weapon types. It’s an absolute powerhouse, and while only one class offers very high Attack, it can still shred enemies, and is typically put with abilities that add a lot of support benefits.
  • 3.5 range, which is the lowest of all types but definitely a fair cost. When using these, it requires risk, but pays off with massive damage.

Now, let’s go ahead and propose something that this weapon type can do, but first, a different name.

Muskets. Pirates typically don’t use these, but they are still a type of firearm that could make sense, since they are known for requiring gunpowder and things of that nature. They fit in the game at least decently, and they are already used in game alongside cannons.

Onto the proposition!


  • 1 or 2 shots, accompanied with the ability to naturally pierce and pierce armor, at the cost of slight inaccuracy through amplitude and frequency. This would be extremely helpful when things become very tanky.
  • Very high damage, but no more than a bit above katanas overall, - Rate of Fire included, - and paired with a natural Rate of Fire of 50%. Paired with high Attack and abilities that will influence a far riskier playstyle while still being worth it.
  • 6.4 range. A direct middle for range on all weapon types, which is very fair, but when paired with the inaccurate shots, it may not be extremely reliable past 4 or so tiles. Using them does make damage easy, but not for free.

This is all just what I could come up with at the top of my head.




Did’ja have to quote the whole post?








But I do like these thoughts.
Good job my friend.


I don’t like the idea of adding a seventh primary weapon. I think an idea like a gun would fit best as a UT weapon for the bow classes. Also consider this: would you really want to have to hold onto a seventh tiered weapon all for (what would probably be) the only class able to use it? There’s already a proprietary nature with class abilities - I’d rather not have the same with primary weapons.


They also are far harder to use in a bullet hell scenario such as soloing marble colossus or just doing it with a large group. You would prioritize actually dodging and having an extra step of reloading can clutter that.

As well as the fact that it would suck in godlands since it has such a low rate of fire.


cough ninja for 6 years cough


WE don’t want a repeat of the past, thank you very much.


There nothing original you can really do with guns without making it a bad weapon.


Exactly what I was hinting at.