Weapons or some shi


here’s some poopy items i thought of

Blaster Staff
A staff that draws its power from the strange stone encapsulated inside. For some reason you can’t control the output of the staff. It’ll run out of power but seems to recharge after inactivity.

Tier: UT

Shots: 2

Damage: 50

Effect: The closer the staff is to running out of energy, the stronger it gets

Buff function: Dmg = 50 + (2 x (Ammo_Max/Ammo_Current)) (per shot)

Condition: Can only be recharged after full ammo consumption

Recharge Rate: 8 seconds

Ammo: 50

GUI: Ammo will be communicated by placing the number in the corner of the weapon icon where the tier would normally be presented.

Range: 7.5

Drop: Avalon The Archivist

Armor Eater Sword
It seems to steal the vigor in which your armor provides. In return it empowers your blood lust and aggressiveness.

Tier: Yummy

Shots: 1

Damage: 195 - 235

Effect: Defense rating is added into the damage rating instead of character defense. You can also use defense effusion to further this buff. Armoring is also calculated in.

Buff function: Damage = Damage + Total defense

i.e. Defense = 25, Damage: (195+25) - (235+25)

Range: 4

Drop: Stone Guardians

Seems to be more useful going in than across.

Tier: Tri-State Area

Shots: 1

Damage: 65-135

Effect: Enemies hit multiple times by this weapon receive extra damage upon each consecutive stab. This effect lasts 3 seconds upon initial hit and resets upon each hit.

Buff function: Damage = Damage + (Number of times stabbed x 5); up to + 125 avg dmg

Condition: Once damage caps, effect will reset after 3 seconds

Range: 4.8

Drop: Assassins of Oryx

Shot Bow Gun
A bow that seems to possess the property of Bunshin no Jutsu and multiplies the arrows

Tier: Naruto

Shots: 1-3

Damage: 80-100

Effect: Starts off with 1 arrow and after traveling 5 tiles, the arrow will split into 3; retains properties of tiered bows

Overall Range: 7

Range of initial arrow: 5

Range of split shot: 2

Degree of arc once split: Matches regular tiered bows

Drop: Joe

Poopy Wand
Shoots poop from your hands

Tier: S

Shots: 1

Damage: 75 - 145

Effect: Upon hit, enemy loses 5% of their spd up to the amount that is equivalent to being slowed. Effect lasts 3 seconds and resets upon each hit; retains properties of tiered wand.

Range: 7.5

Drop: Gulpord The Slime God


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What was overly complicated? maybe i can clarify


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