Wedding of Isti and Lsevv


Seto’s home video from August 12, 2011.



It’s beautiful.


Daaang, I remember this. Really brings me back.


Daaang you were there?


lol we should do another one


First time I watched this start to finish and I love it. Why couldn’t everyone be as well behaved as @Liam smh…

Does anybody have the context behind this?


There’s context in this video’s description, apparently isiti and lsevv were a couple in real life.


We haven’t even reached the ‘@duckymaste needs a ream wife’ arc in the manga yet.


Noob question: Are all those people who marry ingame actually couples?


@Shatter’s life goals
Get married in a wine cellar

(Edit: whoops bum oh well)


From the video’s description,

This is the in-game wedding of In real life couple Isti and Lsevv. Bonded together by love and a game known as Realm of the Mad God, these two lovebirds tied the knot on their virtual love in this video.

So I’d assume yes, though I’m not sure if they’re also married IRL.


Yes, I read that, but I wanted to know if other people who married ingame are also couples.


Oh that’s what you meant. There were other marriages? Between who and who? This video is probably the most famous ones, I guess there were others but depends (some are jokes and whatnot). Still kinda confused to the question.


Yo. Marry me uni.

Everyone did you know uni is actually a girl?


Nope actually
Invite me to the wedding




Wtf no I’m not gay I can dm u proof I’m guy


I’ll marry someone idgaf



but he is different than how i imagined him before i met him.


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