Weed Is now recruiting! [EUSW] :3



Weed is a fairly new EUSW guild on the scene, we would like to think of ourselves as ex professional players and have higher standards than most guilds. We do not take the game too seriously as we play the game for fun and to meet new people, we open keys when we need to but we do not host keys very often however we are active and enjoy farming events and public dungeons.


  • Here are the requirements for the guild
  • Speak any language you want!, however our main language is English.
  • 15k alive fame but we will accept people at 10k+ with reason
  • Skills: Can run every dungeon, especially small lost halls and shatters
  • No cheaters, we are very strict on cheats of any kind and will be kicked with sufficient evidence.
  • Time zone: Meh, it’s mixed
    -No Contributions, just have fun and don’t be toxic

How to apply:

Simply pm any officer+ in game or on realmeye and we will get back to you shortly


Added main server to the title
Good luck on the guild! :smiley:
Here’s a picture of my cats to keep you motivated


Being professional players who don’t take the game seriously is kind of an oxymoron.


Got you fam, fixed


:smoking: :evergreen_tree: :fire:


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