Weekend Quest Events - Leprechauns everywhere! [Mar 15th to Mar 19th]


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Daily Quest

Repeatable Quest

Once per Account Quest


Um is the saint patt event over?

Heck @Nevov @mynamerr can you finish editing it, I didn’t get to post drops picture at bottom nor do the time thingy ;-;

wait nvm OB moved this into official events


These are the annoying events because you have to chase leprechauns around for so long


Here’s all the drops if you like pictures like me! The “Red Goodie Bag” now drops/plops into your inventory some more whites!


Anyone get these yet? Vanities or useful? Shame they’re not in the goodie bag.

Edit: oh this event got a front screen graphic:


I’m pretty sure all items dropped st.patty’s themed are vanity.


Cant tell if this is a guaranteed spawn


I’m sad that the dungeon lep doesn’t drop the new star and katanna, making them very hard to grind


Honestly the red goodie bag is pretty worth it imo


I think it’s one per realm or something.


If I would open a goodie bag from last weeks event, would it have the current drop table?




The Clover Star is kind of like the Clover Bow, but as a Star.
I think the same more-or-less goes for the Katana of Good Fortune being like the Sword of the Rainbow’s End, but a Katana.


That link didn’t work, but this one should: https://www.realmeye.com/wiki/clover-star