Weighted Raffle/Giveaway!


99 will have to do then




Ima go with 669 to bully DivineOryx


Why me?


792 and 321


Hrm dunno if its still on but 226, and 745


Wii is a closet red star lover!
kill him btw whens it end though?


My guess is 483
Thanks a ton for this, do we know when the results are out?


My Guess is 650


This raffle ends when enough guesses have been made. I’m particularly looking for some more blue and red stars, but I will set a hard end to this raffle on February 24th.


713 babyyy


138 and 813

Don’t let @GeymerEpic win.


My guess is 501


Alright sick, my guess is 23.


Shush, we have to rig this game so he can’t win.

And he’s an Orange Star, actually. RealmEye’s slow on the catch-up.

So yeah, he only gets one guess.


my guess is 1 and 111


4 more days until the raffle ends! Share this with your fellow red stars! (others too!)