What are the security questions?


I remember that one was where you first flew, and one was your favourite childhood cartoon, what’s the third?


I think favorite sports team


Oh no I don’t follow sports I probably put in some gibberish :man_facepalming:t3:


I think you can contact them for your security questions/reset it if you give them other verifying details like gold purchases.


If I’m f2p…


They probably will have a way to verify that you are the owner of the account


Aren’t the security questions exactly that?


The security questions are the same for everyone and aren’t really hidden:



What I don’t really get is why you can’t set your own security questions. If something doesn’t apply to people they’ll probably just go with the most plausible(and therefore easy to guess) answer. At the very least deca should put a warning about them and how they’re unchangable so new players like me won’t screw up like that


They do give you a warning when you set them that they cannot be changed.


Oh. But from what I can see, most people start or started the game at around the age of 12. At that age most people won’t think it through and just put in some random crap to make the annoying pop up go away


yikes im pretty sure i put random gibberish because “ill probably never have to use them”


I put the same thing on all of the three, dont think its safe to say it tho


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