What are these sprites supposed to be?


The shendyt is what geb is wearing. The top white part is the white necklace you were confused about the bottom part is the tunic and the top left square is the strap.


I usually think of the top red “eye” as a jewel in the CP’s white hat.

When I first started, I mashed the whites and reds together and thought they were big anime eyes

kawaii crystal prisoner


You’re probably right, but he sprite is sort of confusing in the facial region, so I just interpret it as 3 eyes since they’re all he same color.


Oml pls tell meh what this is :tired_face::tired_face:


Part of the clothing, probably jewels


y’all suck at reading sprites:

this is obviously what the crystal prisoner is supposed to be. art comes from this awesome guy.


Scary bee boi

I like the crystal prisoner

what’s wrong with that sprite? I think it looks alright

I would assume he’s a normal human (with powers) as that’s what like all of the minions are.


top is a necklace, bottom is the robe part of the robe, and the orange pixel on the side is an arm band.

I agree that the shatters spawners need to be resprited.

the thing in the middle is an eye, and the things on the sides are tentacles arms.


lmao i thought at first it was a mouth



A necklace made of pearl/ivory/teeth?

A necklace and a skirt?

Don’t really know for the rest.


Thanks I see the statues and daichi now


No problem.

Btw I looked shendyt up and this is basically what the Shendyt of Geb is:

a yellow necklace kinda like this

and the shendyt (or chendjit) itself, looking kinda like this.


Now I’m wondering why it gives 15 def (since the fucking thing doesn’t cover your chest) XD


The courage you display by running into battle wearing nothing but a kilt is impressive enough to give your enemies pause, making them less effective in combat.

Either that or what they can see under said kilt is what’s impressive.


adding onto that, not wearing a shirt on a mystic or female wizard/necro/priest/sorc skin would also probably be distracting.


Reminds me of my first dnd character. Just a kilt. Even in winter, because he was ice dragonborn


I feel like Daichi is less of a skeleton and more of a pale demon-possessed fallen priest


Crystal prisoner has 3 eyes??? Never noticed that
Geb’s sprite looks absolutely disgusting now that i see it

  1. Man crying out his mustache
  2. Purple Ent
  3. sideways view of a turtle
  4. Tasty mushroom
  5. slouching man with a super long purple tail
  6. man
  7. bra and undies
  8. back view of elephant
  9. combination lock for my PE locker


This logic applies to everything in realm lmao
Just like holding a potato makes you stronger


If grade school science fairs taught me anything, that’s actually one of the more logical parts of RotMG.


High school taught me vaping “makes you stronger”