What are your problems with RotMG as of current?


This image design is actually not that bad. I think if there was a Rotmg matchmaking menu, it would look like this. Then you just set how many of each class you need at minimum to start a run… then send off a notification to all players who match the reqs. Instantly filled key, no discord, no vc, no afk check. Problem solved. Popping a key in the magical key room could be so satisfying.


Hey, good idea! :smiley::+1:

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I’ve been getting told a lot of the discords have gotten better since I left nearly a year ago. Granted I can’t confirm or deny, since I’m no longer in any of them, but if that’s truly the case, that’s good. Still doesn’t excuse the behavior that used to be around, but it’s a step in the right direction I guess.


It’s not as fun as it was in 2014.

This is a joke of course. The game is being run way better right now than Kabam ever did. I just miss the good old days when I could name every item in the game and when I sucked really bad and simple things were a challenge.


i explained it pretty well here, and my mind hasn’t changed since i posted this on the following link
Struggling to get back in it - Game Discussion - Forum | RealmEye.com

here’s a copy/paste for those who don’t wanna click on the link:

(Jan 27)
I made a guild full of newbies, where I only recruited light blue stars who were beginning players, called YallCute , and I personally got to know each and every one of my members over the span of two months. I even made us a Discord and everything, so we can talk to each other and get to know each other. I can attest not only is the OP right, but the beginning player’s experience is worse than I thought, having played with them so closely.

As it turns out, their age range is 15-early 20’s, and I am one who is very concerned for gen Z, as they are already the most depressed generation of our time from what I read. Having said that, this game is VERY unhealthy mentally for these kids. It fills these kids with self-defeating thoughts and depressed moods, the last thing they need in their lives.

If you look at the people I recruited in the Guild History page, the oldest former members were kicked, because they only played for one day, and never came back (look at their “account created/last seen” info on their pages). I always said this is a horrible time to be a beginner.

they created their account and stopped playing on the same day.

What really made me upset, disappointed, and saddened was that now 30 of the 40 people remaining in that guild have stopped playing too. I left the guild for my owns reasons, and it turns out I was the one holding the guild together, and the guild was the only reason they were playing. I was trying to give beginners a better experience/atmosphere to play in, because according to my guildies, playing solo or in other guilds was a horrible experience on its own, because they’d make friends, and their friends would quit saying “Man, I suck”, so they’d end up without any friends to play with.

I gained some insight from someone just yesterday on how new players think. This person told me they sucked and their skill level was so bad, because they had zero o3 completes and 0 shatters completes. I told them how upsetting that was to me, knowing that players now gauge themselves and their skill level based on extremely difficult endgame dungeons. This is why I nearly shouted in anger when o3 was first announced, while everyone else was excited, because there was so much else that Deca should’ve been focusing on, instead of new content. The learning curve is way too steep right now, and I just don’t know if anyone can fix that.

From the way things are looking, Deca just may have killed the game, and anything done to revive it will be too little too late. ie, look at the ONE active server remaining that is USW3. I mentioned the decline in population late last year, and I was flooded with “Well, it’s finals season and everyone’s busy with school, this is normal”. So, what’s the reason now ?

From my observation, Deca is milking whatever they can from the players who still do o3 in guilds like Mochi, h, Optionz with whatever they have left. There’s only player retention and no appeal in bringing in new players.

I’m reminded of this thread where @Doc praises @Toastrz and @Kiddforce, and I just couldn’t get myself to gratify this in good conscience. He says “With their departure there’s a lot of (justifiable?) skepticism toward what the future may hold for the game. What’s everyone think? Are we doomed, or will Deca and RotMG soldier on unscathed?” That skepticism toward the future he talks about already existed BEFORE their departure. The two people who left Deca are NOT what kept this game from being doomed and they are certainly not the ones who helped RotMG soldier on unscathed .

These are some examples of the “last seen on the day they created their accounts”


I know I responded to you before, but there is one thing I’d like to add, despite me still agreeing with you as much as back then. I’m still appreciative of much of what Toastrz and KiddForce did do (even if there were a couple of gameplay decisions I thought were questionable that I could pin back to Toastrz specifically :smirk:), but it’s usually very difficult to discern between individual employees and companies themselves since there are a lot of decisions made behind closed doors.

My guild and I have actually had topics along this line come up in our Discord lately… it should be fairly obvious that there is something very wrong internally with the Rotmg side of DECA. We have multiple speculations, rumors, and evidences as to creating some picture for what might be happening, but we don’t actually know. I don’t intend to make this response an initiative for a long tangent on that topic, but there might very well be a major difference between what the content creators want/are capable of vs. what the DECA executives want/are prioritizing.

I agree that it might be a bit much to say they saved the game without proper evidence of behind the scenes influence, but they seemed stalwart to their own visions, and did bring some good to this messy indie game! Yes, they didn’t fix some of the core issues the game has, but I’m fairly confident in saying that was probably beyond the scope of what their positions entailed, and they wouldn’t have had a sole say in the company’s decision making process. Indeed, I think largest part of Doc’s statement had to do with them being some of the last OG staff that had taken part in the early days as players, which much of the new staff hasn’t had. All they have is what they know from other games, and for better or for worse, we’re at the mercy of the chaotic whirlwind that is upon us.

TLDR, I think both extremes of saying those two devs did very little vs. being saviors aren’t correct staments. There’s too much we don’t know


One of the problems I’ve identified and put much thought into recently is how negligible the early game is. Players attempt to teleport to godlands immediately and start leeching off god kills and looting chests because early game dungeons do not drop guaranteed stat potions or instrumental items, and because players can literally progress through half of the tiers of items by the time they reach level 20. More experienced players can jump right into event clearing and running more rewarding dungeons like Cem, LOD, Cult, CD, Wlab, DDocks, and O3 to GREATLY accelerate maxing and gearing. While I think that’s a cool, valid, fun, and effective way to play, it gives the game the appearance of having little viable content which gets exacerbated by other features like forge and power creep.

IMO It could take a moderate amount of tweaking and adjusting the scaling of everything to give the game the appearance of actually having 15 tiers of content, just like its weapons. Therefore I’m currently planning to write a fan fiction piece on re-scaling almost the entirety of rotmg in a way that fills some of the existing gaps I see with repurposed, preexisting content and theoretical new content. Maybe not Puffagod levels of work, but maybe so. I’m not sure how deep the rabbit hole is yet.


What if players could make custom maps for others to play? Deca could even slightly monetize this somehow


Not the sort of game that it would be possible for.

Primarily the main game loop involves a number of things you couldn’t really put in the hands of players. Earning fame + getting loot in a fair way. That could not be put in the hands of players editing their own maps, making them too easy or too generous. The only way to do it would be to remove all rewards, which would then make players made maps very unappealing, a distraction from the main game. Especially as the quality would be highly variable.

Also the game is not architectured to suit it. It doesn’t consist of small self-contained levels as you see in many puzzle games but also some platformers, dungeon crawllers. Having small self contained levels, one per screen, makes it easier to create an editor. Often the developers have an in-studio one which can be polished up and published, or a file format for the levels they can release the spec for. This is not an insurmountable problem, but it means it would be much more work to create usable tools.


This game is already 10 years old of different game styles mixed together, what im suggesting doesnt involve fame and loot, or loot could be customized per player maps too. map creator would make map specific items.

like just use some creativity my man don’t shut everything down, this game is dead


I was just thinking about this.

For me the World Bosses and the Dungeons they drop don’t feel special anymore. People will rush the world boss and ignore the dungeon. I feel like that is just so sad because back a few years when I played when a dungeon would drop from world boss everyone would just go in and do it. Now it’s like people rush World Bosses but ignore the dungeons and for me, that’s just sad that a lot of content gets ignored. Of course, I can do them solo but where’s the fun in that? Isn’t this MMORPG? If I wanted to play a single-player game I would.

When I want to do some content solo I’ll just farm right. I’ll do Sprites, Snakes, Abyss, Sews, Libs and so on. If I want to challenge myself sure I can do something harder solo but most of the time I don’t want to do these World Boss dungeons solo cuz it’s not as fun.

I think one way to fix this is to reduce the number of world bosses one realm can spawn. Have them be rarer. For example, you won’t be able to see an Ocean Trench for 2 realms because they just didn’t spawn right. Meaning (IDK the exact amount) But let’s say one realm could hold 10 World bosses. But in total there are 30 World Bosses the game can offer. So each realm is always MORE UNIQUE.
I think people would then value the dungeons more. It would also be necessary to make better loots for these dungeons as well, now that they would be more rare.

Thank you for reading and enjoy the game. :slight_smile:


Unfortunately, much of the playerbase has disappeared due to stale content. Plus, people solo not just for the challenge but because they get guaranteed loot. More players means having a lower chance of getting the loot you want.

People don’t value Event Dungeons not because they’re too abundant, it’s because they want to get better loot. Why grind Tombs of the Ancients when you can just skip ahead to o3? Sure, it’d be harder but you ultimately get more out of it. People are just using the most optimal ways to progress in the game so that they don’t spend too long in mid-game content, another unfortunate result of the game’s poor balancing and pacing, save for certain niche items that are surprisingly viable even end-game. My point is, the rarity of the dungeons isn’t the problem, it’s the content above them and how easy it is to access them.


Thank you.
This reply strongly follows up on what I said previously. For fast pace play the game truly does feel like it’s just a handful of dungeons until you need a mark to forge that item you want.

This creates a rather sinister scenario where players can feel brute forced into the newer/endgame content but also unable to get into it at all due to prerequisites. This means a bulk of players feel stuck in the mid-game hoping to be carried by much better and more fortunate players. Note this is not exactly how it is, but how it feels given the inexperience and shallow storage/character slots new players tend to have. It’s pretty shocking how many players I’ve instilled with confidence just by pushing them to try Cult and carrying. The surge of pots accelerates them like nothing else.

  1. Don’t bring up stuff that ended 1 month ago, some people don’t wanna continue arguing things they said 1 month ago
  2. Please read context, as the person they’re replying to uses null as an example of a supposed discord that is easy to meet reqs with, so bringing up other discords in this specific argument is irrelevant as the original person is using null as an example of a discord known for its reqs yet according to them can still be accessible to newer players


Currently problems with rotmg:

Nowhere does the game tell you what your hp/mp regen rate actually is.
Nowhere does the game tell you what your dex/atk translate to as fire rate and damage.
Nowhere does the game tell you how your pets stats translate into regeneration, damage, etc.
Nowhere does the game tell you how much less effective your pet is at anything it’s supposed to be doing while you’re in combat.

Weapon tool tips do not show shot speed nor give general descriptions of shot patterns.
(new weapons tool tips omit even more information like fire rate, among other glaring flaws)


My biggest problem with RotMG is running endgame dungeons, which mostly require organized discord runs. Deca might as well implement organized discord runs into the game’s tutorial.


Void and shatters specifically or other dungeons ?


Stackable marks do not automatically stack in your inventory if you double-click them.

Simple quality of life things like this are very important to streamlined gameplay.

I also think there should be a way to go straight from the realm to your vault, and back. But that would just be really cool.

ALSO, I wish the third katana class had been a robe class, but kensei is cool too i guess


I think that the game, at its core, needs a matchmaking system for dungeons (I would be willing to pay 20 bucks for this service basically.)

Along with this, some other things like a complete rework of the in-game realm to be more of a true adventure rpg style game, and a centralized trading system.

These three things alone would pretty much fix the game